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Ebooks: How do you make it happen? Where do you start?

Ebooks seem to be big online. Has anyone had success with Ebook? Can an Ebook from five to 100 pages really sell from $10 to $100 dollars, depending on the information? How is this done? If you have practical experience and know-how in this, would you point me in the right direction? I need to know how to make two of my books, published in English in the traditional way in Turkey, become Ebooks. Thanks for any help.

If you have time to read my column, copy and paste:

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Creating .pdfs is quite easy, there are a number of free software programs out there that can do it for you. I use Adobe's program for a couple of reasons: 1) it integrates well with the other adobe programs that I use for covers, illustrations, photos, design layout, etc. 2) it works well with Quark; 3) you can set specific options such as allowing or not allowing text to be copied; 4) you can lock the document at various levels; 5) you can set resolution, which allows you to control file size; 5) and other reasons.

Yes, it is possible to "break" a .pdf and reconvert it to Word or WordPerfect or OpenOffice or some other program. But you can prevent 99% of this by using Adobe Distiller and setting your preferences a certain way.


Thanks Peter for the good tips. I will check out Adobe distiller. Also found your note on resources about books and blurbs for free at New Great Books helpful. Have a great day!
here's more tips on books, including promoting them
Thanks Kare for the tip. I browsed the link and found some other interesting tidbits too! If you have time and would like to read my column, here is the link:
Thanks for sharing with us, Kare.

Hi there, eBooks need to be formatted differently than paper books. Secondly, there are many formats to choose from, it really depends on where you plan to sell it online. How much you sell it for really depends on the niche and market it’s written for. For example take a look at marketplace, the best sellers cost from $0.99 to $5.99. If you don’t have a lot of competition in your eBook niche and can provide unique value to your readers with your eBook, than you can charge as you see fit. Also know that you can sell your eBook via your own website or via online marketplaces like Amazon. Now these online marketplaces will keep a significant part of your eBook sales, but then again you won’t have to worry about marketing etc.

I have published a number of eBooks successfully, had them written and formatted by You can check them out for more info! 


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