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I was wondering what everyone writes? Do you have a specific genre?

If I created an interview page to promote our work on MySpace, would you be willing to participate?

Let me know
Hugs from Florida

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Yes, this is great. Interviews on MySpace would be great, and as MySpace seems to have tons of people on it, it can't hurt. Let us know when you have the questions/site set up and I'll "surf" on over.



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Hi there everyone! A friend of mine said she'd start the MySpace interview page for us all. She's got her questions posted. Between the two of us we'll get our books out and hopefully make tons of sales! Here's her myspace address. and it's just for MySpace authors.

Now lets grab the world's attention and sell our books. Good Luck to all!
wow, thanks very much. much appreciated. i have one more question. if given the choice of self publishing and a small, very small publishing company, which do you think is better?
Hi Tiva,

You can include me if you're interested. My story is about a murdered girl in 1813 and her family that tries to figure out exactly what happened. Its fictional and though I suppose because of the date its considered historical fiction, I rather lean towards family saga instead.

I have a myspace,, if you'd like take a peak and let me know if you're interested. BTW~ I'd be more than happy to add your page to my list of friends to help promote the profile designed to promote others. LOL (Life's a circle, isn't it?)

PS~ what part of Florida are you from? I'm in NY now but grew up in Naples.


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