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Anyone know how to get book listed in specific Amazon category?

I am trying to get my book, “Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend” to be listed in’s new “Christian shop” under the category of Religion & Spirituality › Christianity › Ministry & Church Leadership › Ministry to the Sick & Bereaved

Despite those exact "tags" and "search suggestions" of “Ministry to the Sick & Bereaved” being approved by Amazon for this book, when I do a search on the book in this category it still comes up, “Your search "Beyond Casseroles" did not match any products in: Religion & Spirituality › Christianity › Ministry & Church Leadership › Ministry to the Sick & Bereaved.”

Do you know how I can get my book listed in a category on Amazon where is specifically really SHOULD be?

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There is a process on amazon called tagging. Creating tags (words) that apply to your book. These tags help people find books that relate to those tags. It would help people locate your book better. Also the publisher of your book has access to getting things change for the listing. You can also contact through the contact us link to voice your concerns about the listing in the categories you mentioned. There is a number you can search for to directly talk to an office. This may help to get things changed or at least they may tell you what needs to be done to get it changed to provide getting your book listed in the category or categories you feel that applies. I had's telephone number but could not locate it at this time. If I do I will contact you with the information. Hope this helps.
If you look closely, you or your publisher can suggest further categories for certain books. It is under "Update Product Information" at the bottom of your books page. It is very hard for you to do this, since Amazon takes the BASIC information to categorize your book. It is better to use tags, amapedia, and suggest a search for results. Of course, one needs more than one person to do a similar tag to get any results. All of these methods help Amazon in placing your book for keyword searches. Also, if you can get your publisher to release your book, you can use Amazon Connect to put blog information in about your book such as Table of Contents, etc. Do about three blogs, then leave them forever (this is about the number that will stay on the book's page without being relegated to a subpage). All of this information is used by Amazon in their algorithms to place your book in search results.

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Thank you tons - to both of you! Excellent, specific, helpful suggestions. I will follow through on all of them!


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