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Hi, friends!

After years of collecting my book marketing tips and what I've learned along the way, I'ved decided to make them into easy-to-read ebooks of tips. As an author, editor, self-publisher, and founder of a nonprofit, I've a wide variety of perspectives and have received great feedback when I've spoken at writers conferences.

I'd love your input too about marketing tips, ideas, "ah ha" moments, what worked, what didn't, etc. See

If I use your tip, you'll get a free copy of the book! And if you sign up for my feed, you'll be entered to win a copy of John Kremer's book, 1001 Ways to Market Your Book.


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Lisa,Check out the information that I posted on another forum topic. Looking for marketing advice.  There you will find many suggestions that would fit the topic of your ebook.
Hi Lisa,

Here are some book marketing tips for you to consider:

• Have a nice looking book cover and put it on the back of your business card. When you are at networking events and pass your card out, often people turn it over and ask about your book.
• Write articles that have value for your reader. Publish them on your website. I have found links to my articles in University course outlines, business presentations, blogs, etc. These all drive traffic to my webpage. Also publish your articles in article directories. This is a good way for people to find out about you.
• Donate a copy of your book to your local libraries. As you promote your book, many people will opt to borrow it from the library. If it is a good reference book, many will buy a copy later on. Also monitor the waiting list and if the number of people on the waiting list is 10 plus for several months, draw this to the attention of library staff and they will often order several additional copies.
• Write an e-book that is related to your hardcopy book. Reference your hardcopy book in several places and say if you want more information on this topic, please see … . Sell your e-book via your website, or other sites such as or at a reasonable price that lets you recoup your costs and is very affordable to those wishing to purchase it. Also make your e-book available to those who are putting together a package to promote their own book – good way to piggy back on the efforts of others.



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