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Just curious, did everybody google book marketing like I did and come across this site...I think its pretty cool. I just joined 5 minutes ago, so hello everybody.

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hello and welcome. actually i did the same thing and been a member for a couple of months now. i love the site because of the wealth of information that people chime in with. you get a peek at others experiences both here in the us and overseas. hope you'll find the same.
HI ,
I am Padma from India and as yu say I wanted to market my book so
thanks to google I got this site and I am a member for more than five months
Hello Nathan, welcome to the site. I'm not sure how I originally found the site - most likely Google. However, I do know some have come through Kremer's site as well as the listing of Writing Forums and Author Social Networks. Anyways, glad you found us.


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Hey thanks for the reply ya'll! glad to be here and hope to share/find great info here!
I found this site through John Kremer's site and newsletter. I have networked with many that I would not have known who share some common causes and established good joint efforts for specific causes. I too enjoy the communication that I have had with my friends that I now have. I currently have a total of over 330 friends on and others that I connected with from members on this site. I think it is great and I am enjoying it.
Hi Nathan,
I was on another site, Motown Writer's Network, and someone there invited me here. This site has so much info sometimes it is hard to keep up. Welcome.


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