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I now have an account on twitter under the name integrity_ethic. Is anyone else on this site using twitter?

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I began using twitter earlier this year and try to only share "what I'm doing" when it's may be relevant to one of my followers.
Yes, I use twitter. My id is teresamorrow. Let's connect!
I love Twitter. So easy to use and fit into a busy schedule.

I man the Lilley Press account @lilleypress and my personal account is @dianacacy
I have been using twitter for sevral months along with other social networks to promote my book Facts Don't Matter. Trying everthing. Put it all together and we can see progress.

It's actually been a great marketing tool!
I have been using twitter actually long before I thought of marketing any book that I was going to publish! My name is @trinite3. I think it's a very usefull tool for short messages. Happy tweeting! Have a blessed day!

K.M. Johnson
Author of ~ Knowing The Struggle Is Over! Available Now!!!
"You're not the situation you're in!"
My new twitter name is cliff_ball.... I closed the old account late last year for some dumb reason or another.
Well, the problem of twitter is the number of followers. If it is limited to few hundreds, it is not so effective to promote yourself. Probably Facebook is better.
Yes, I am on twitter. My account is @shsailo or
We can have followship there.

Good topic, and I find a lot of good replies.

Thank you.
Dear Dennis,
I am using twitter, but I just started and do not have very many followers. I will follow you, would you follow me? If anyone else would like to follow me, I'll follow you back. I'm at AshisGiftTweets
Annie Eskeldson
I have just started to follow you on twitter.
Hey great Dennis. Thanks alot. I posted a book trailer on there. If you get a chance to see it, tell whatcha think. I don't have sound on it yet, still working on that. But, the video is there. It's just 54 seconds. I like the title of your book - Integrity.


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