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Authors: What Type of Marketing Has Worked Best for You?

Hi All,

I was curious to get others' opinions about what type of marketing has worked best for you, conventional or online methods? I will have to go with online for me! I love online promotion and feel that if it hasn't become the norm already it will. I have done some conventional advertising and promotion such as book signings and do not find them to be beneficial to me. I've had some successful booksignings but lately I find them stale and I don't find the idea very appetizing to me. It seems that authors put more of themselves into booksignings and then become very disappointed. Also, do book signings translate into long term sales? I don't believe so. To me there is so many options to online promotion. You can reach thousands of people within minutes and millions in a week if you're advertising in the right places. This can provide long-term sales. Online promotion can be tough work but it's fun and you can see your accomplishments. You can interact with readers on many levels and you don't have to leave home to do it. So for me, online has been the best method and yes I've seen very positive results with it. With book signings, you never know.

What method has worked best for you and which do you prefer?

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I believe both...Ofcourse online u can reach people all across the globe, but coupled with that is word of mouth, and there is something to putting the book in a persons hand....Just my opinion
My second book, 'The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy' (fiction), has only just come out so I don't know how that will work out. My first book, 'Utamaro Revealed' (non-fiction), is receiving more attention off-line. It's probably the subject matter though... a lot of the people who buy this kind of book aren't even on-line to begin with, or they're not on-line very much. I have a feeling that the fiction book will do better on-line, but we'll see.
From my experience, there is no one marketing technique that works best. Book signings are great when you get the opportunity or the book has just come out. Word-of-mouth marketing is also very effective. Likewise, creating bookmarks, flyers, and other media have helped over the long run. Different stages in your book's life require different marketing techniques. Some of the methods I've found useful over the short and long-term can be found here: Marketing Your Book and Promoting Your Writing.

The real key is consistency.

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Like the other responses marketing options are different for each author and their books. The big point is to make your name recognized both for your writing and your expertise. The more exposure and methods you use to get your name recognized is a plus. I constantly write articles, working on two books, participate in ning forums and answer questions on All of these actions have increased my name recognition in the search engines. My web site is also gaining in popularity and the value is going up and the ranking of it on alexa is improving.
I pretty much have left traditional marketing when I discovered ezines article marketing, regular email promotions--all to attract new people to my site. In the resource box, I put a scrumptuos free offer and my business book writers and small businsesses come running! I don't like the work and slowness of traditional.
I did that already 15 years ago. Been online for 9 years now. Love it!

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Cheers to you all,

Judy Cullins


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