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"Your life changes when you meet people." - Sterling Valentine

I want to encourage the authors and publishers on this Book Marketing Network to work together to help each other to sell more books. That's the main reason I created this network in the first place.

There are so many ways that you can help each other. For example, I wrote an article on 30 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love - Most of those ways apply not only to your friends but also to authors helping each other.

In addition, you can do joint ventures, Amazon Bestseller Campaigns, blog tours, and more.

Please use this forum right here to list your requests for partners as well as your responses or offers to help other authors.

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you work together rather than alone.

For example, I'd love to see a fiction writers co-op promotion where each novelist promotes the other members in the co-op on their blog or website or social network. Tweet about each other. Like each others' Facebook page. Do joint blog tours.

Poets can do the same thing. So can business book authors. Spiritual authors. Christian authors. Cookbook authors. Etc.

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It's hard to give away free stuff these days (wish that was a lol) so if anyone, in the spirit of this site/forum, could kindly share this link/snippet for a free novel with friends/readers I would be very thankful and happy to Reciprocatein kind ...S. 

Extract from Cosmogonic Marbles available FREE until the 31st Dec. at

Across Slough alarms were sounding off in a chain reaction.  The police sent every response vehicle available to them into the housing estates which had erupted suddenly in a series of house break-ins, assaults and mindless rioting.  The Sergeant in the station was at a loss as to what to do; the phone lines were down, the internet (which he never trusted anyway) was not accessible, even the police radio system had failed; he had no way of contacting his officers in the field and no way of calling for help.
“Do we have any cars left?” he asked the obscenely pretty desk constable.  He mentally bit his lip. He really shouldn’t think of Constable Brian like that.
“Only unmarked sir,” said Brian.
“Ok,” said the Sergeant trying to keep his mind on the crisis at hand.  “Get what men we can down to those cars and send one round for the Super, one up to the military barracks and the rest to the nearest stations.”  
He looked at the dead lights of the map in the incident room.
“We need help,” he said.
“Yes sir,” said Brian, who obediently went off to find what officers were left in the station.
God he’s got a cute bum when he walks, thought the Sergeant. Stop that, must think on the situation at hand.  
“Brian,” he called after him.
“Yes sir?” said Brian spinning on his heels.
“I’m going out there to have a look for myself,” spoke the Sergeant solemnly.
“Are you sure sir?” asked Brian.
Perhaps he does care, thought the Sergeant, maybe he needs me as much as I need him. “Yes, I need to see for myself what we’re up against here,” he stated.
“Okay sir,” said Brian turning back to complete his errand.
“And Brian?”
“Yes sir?” another cute spin; disco music was playing in the Sergeant’s head.
“I love you.”
“In case I don’t come back,” added the Sergeant.
“I see sir,” said Brian his voice hardly altering from the norm.
“That’s what I want you to tell my wife,” further added the Sergeant.  Damn damn damn! He screamed in his head.
“I see sir, would you like me to make a note of that?” asked Brian.
“No need.”
Brian disappeared from the room.  It was eerily silent without the phones constantly ringing and the radio constantly chattering.  The Sergeant put on his helmet and checked that his trusty truncheon was at his side.
“Right then … let’s be hav’n you!” he said to the world in particular and marched out into the streets.

Is the extract free or the entire ebook free? It's not clear from your post.

lol that is just great! The exchange between the Sergeant and Brian is highly amusing. I'd be happy to add the link to your book or your blog or both, right on my website if you like :) Just drop me a line.

I recently joined TBMN with this very thought in mind. Yes I would like others to read my work and give me feedback, but I have been seeking out other writers on this site in the genres I read and write in. I follow their links to their sites and read some of their stuff. 

I post a blog entitled What I Am Reading in which I review books in the genres of fantasy, horror and science fiction. If you have books in these genres, please get a hold of me on my page and I will follow your link to where your book lives. I will read it and post my review.



Thanks for the incredible offer. And I hope others will review your books as well.

I was recently named to the Florida Authors and Publishers Association board. One of the first things we have done is open the President's Awards to the entire country. If you are looking to give your book credibility an award from this group should be on your radar. Check out how easy it is to enter at And best of luck to one and all!

If you have a book in the genres of fantasy, horror or science fiction, I will read it and post my review here on my blog. If you would also like me to put my book review on amazon, I would be happy to do that for you as well.

I am also looking for readers of fantasy and horror to read my book, Blood and Fire: The Vampire/Dragon Wars. You can find it in the content section of my page. Right now, only half of the novel is available for viewing. It is in word doc format and only a rough draft with my editor's notes mixed in the text.


If you write in Fantasy, Horror or Science Fiction, I would be happy to read your book or short story and post my review on my blog and any other site you like. 

I recently posted a book review for Soul Lifter by Martin Murphy on my blog and on Amazon.

I am also looking for test readers for my book-Blood and Fire:The Vampire/Dragon Wars. It is available in the content section of my page as a word doc. Only half of the book is there and it is a rough draft with my editor's notes included.

Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



Hi DM,

To view the discussion where I mentioned you to John, please go to the discussion entitled What Is Your Biggest Challenge With Your Book? It was actually started by Bill, but was John that replied to my comment.

For anybody else on TBMN reading this, please go to DM Yates's page and follow her link to check out her great books, The Lone Hero and Always.

That's great. I think authors here should follow both of you.

That's cool. Thanks!

4-LAN, a customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.
The Lone Hero
5.0 out of 5 stars
What I Am Reading
January 20, 2014


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