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Can Reading a Book Increase Your Intelligence and Writing Ability?

I love finding interesting tidbits and articles like this. It gives you something to think about.

I hope you all enjoy!

Jennifer Chase
Author & Criminologist

5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

Your brain needs exercise just like a muscle. If you use it often and in the right ways, you will become a more skilled thinker and increase your ability to focus. Here are 5 simple techniques to exercise your brain.
  1. Minimize Television Watching -- Watching television doesn’t use your mental capacity OR allow it to recharge. When you feel like relaxing, try reading a book instead. If you’re too tired, listen to some music. When you’re with your friends or family, leave the tube off and have a conversation.
  2. Exercise -- Time spent exercising always leads to greater learning because it improves productivity during the time afterwards. Using your body clears your head and creates a wave of energy.
  3. Read Challenging Books -- If you want to improve your thinking and writing ability you should read books that make you focus. Reading a classic novel can change your view of the world and will make you think in more precise, elegant English.
  4. Early to Bed, Early to Rise -- Nothing makes it harder to concentrate than sleep deprivation. You’ll be most rejuvenated if you go to bed early and don’t sleep more than 8 hours.
  5. Take Time to Reflect -- Spending some time alone in reflection gives you a chance organize your thoughts and prioritize your responsibilities. Afterwards, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s important and what isn’t.

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I agree with these tips and I do believe that the more you read the smarter you become. Thanks a lot for this article because it is so true.
One thing I am acutely aware of is that fact that the more you read the better your own writing becomes so I would have to agree with you.
Yes of course writing and reading helps writers skills and improves intelligence! Learning is a necessity in writing, no matter how long you've been doing it.

Not only reading books in your genre, but I mean reading books and articles on writing in particular.

Best Wishes!


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