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How do you promote your electronic books?

This is a new challenge for me. My print books were never a problem for me to promote. After all, I had a tangible product in hand to work with. But what about e-books? I'm putting together a blog tour, and of course I post updates about the book on my own blog. I have it listed as part of my e-mail signature. I have great bookmarks, and distribute them anywhere I can find a place to put them, or a hand to put them in. But I'm sure there have to be other ways to get the word out.


I wonder what worked for others with e-books? Care to share?

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promoting ebooks is not any different than promoting print books. Granted getting the message out about an ebook has different sites which promote them but the technique or method is the same. The only difference is it is an electronic copy. I have some sites on my web site that may give you some help in locating options to promote your ebook. My site is There is much marketing information and opportunities accessible through my site.


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