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I have a Twitter account and post about once a week. Sometimes I post a writing tip or about a book event coming up or speaking appearance, but I'm sure I don't use Twitter like it could be for a promotional tool. I'd love to hear from others how you use Twitter.

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HI Dianne!

Once a week is most likely getting lost in the shuffle. To be seen and heard on Twitter, you need to post at least 4-6 times per day, and that is probably too little. I post every 2 hours out to my audience on most days.

I agree with Scott, at least 3-4 times a day about other things, not just your book. It would be great to give experts of your book and generate interest. Also, running contests, give away something for free and if you can post tiny exerts of what others say. Follow other authors and see how they post their tweets about books.
I have two twitter accounts. One for our Christian ministry network and a second one for our author book marketing and promotions. I daily post around 25 times in each account, sometimes more. I share other authors books and also the authors we are doing expanded marketing for.

I've met some really great people and authors on twitter and have received some wonderful emails through those associations.

I have plans to double my twitter posts.
Thank you all for your advice.

:) Dianne
I wanted to encourage other authors to use twitter as a way to promote and market their books and author sites. I just created two new author sites for two authors and added tweet buttons which allows me and the author to tweet the sites and content. This is a great way to attract unique and repeat visitors to your authors site.

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