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Lots of news on the Noricin front to report today! The March 9th release date for "The Gottlehrling Goblet" (Book 2 of "The Noricin Chronicles") draws ever closer! To lead up to the March release, running through February 28th, Goodreads is hosting a book giveaway of "The Gottlehrling Goblet," where I will be giving away 12 signed, FREE copies of "The Gottlehrling Goblet!" To enter the competition, visit the Goodreads Giveaway Page (!

Also, the mini-trailer for "The Gottlehrling Goblet" is now available on YouTube (! This is the second of twelve mini-trailers that will be uploaded prior to the release of each installment of "The Noricin Chronicles." You can view this trailer and the four full-length trailers for "The Noricin Chronicles" on my YouTube Channel!

That's all the news for now! Keep your eyes peeled for updates about the release of "The Gottlehrling Goblet!"


Mark Sheldon

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