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A group linking together authors based in California! Welcome all from LA, The Valley, The Inland Empire, No. Cal and more!

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The Lost Boy Mini Trailer and Goodreads Book Giveaway 1 Reply

Started by Mark Sheldon. Last reply by Timothy J. Desmond Dec 2, 2010.

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Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 4, 2019 at 3:43pm

Title: Abduction Chronicles
By: Folarin Philip Banigbe
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
“It is in moments of trouble that we know the value of true friendships.” Folarin Philip Banigbe
Abduction Chronicles by Folarin Philip Banigbe relates a touching, spine-tingling, non-fiction account of his own abduction experience. Touching, this novel will captivate you as the author relates each encounter as he was abducted from his home in the middle of the night in his home country, Nigeria. 
He narrates the book and speaks of the events and his thoughts during the ordeal that paint a vivid picture, giving readers an inside view of the home invasion that quickly became life-threatening. Taken by thugs, forced to endure and overcome exposure to elements, lack of food and harsh weather, his abduction shares how God encountered him in his darkest moments. Triumphant, he came back from the evil of perpetrators seeking money to re-tell the truth of what really happened during his days gone missing.
Beginning his narrative of the moments when robbers cut into iron bars to get into the home, the author’s account is a minute-by-minute thrill ride. Readers will find themselves asking, what would I do in such a situation, faced with a Ak-47 and no weapons for defense? The author’s quick thinking throughout his abduction makes for a fast-paced and compelling read. In a unique fashion, he blends his prayers and thoughts to God, coupled with the Holy Spirit’s workings within the ordeal.
Author quote; "Spiritual insights into this abduction include: core values of The Full Gospel - Jesus and the salvation He brings, the Holy Ghost, the Voice of God, visions and dreams, and the Power of God to save and deliver."
As an added bonus, the author’s wife and daughter give their own accounts of the home invasion and days waiting for the author’s return. Intense moments are captured as the wife shares dialogue through phone calls and demands for ransom money that made each day’s dealings with Folarin’s captor’s delicate. Despite the raging emotions, Folarin’s wife gives thanks to God who gave her the peace and strength to survive the barrage of emotions a wife might have for her husband. 
Folarin Philip Banigbe has come out of the ordeal a better man, teaching others to help abduction victims through his foundation. A wonderful read.

You may get your copy of Abduction Chronicles at Amazon or as a download in Kindle.

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on November 20, 2018 at 6:49pm

This book is a fantastic way to tell kids…don’t go surfing if you don’t know how. ~ CBM 
Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach by Craig T. Feigh is a colorfully illustrated children’s book depicting love-able characters and their pets that introduces children metaphorically to computers and the dangers of surfing the Web. Creating word pictures, namely, that the Web is much like a huge ocean, parents can use this book as an aid in educating their children about computers and the Internet.
Simple, fun and cute, children will make the connection to the Internet and the main parts of computers with each page. A hidden image of a bone on each page makes the book fun and interactive (secretly my favorite part). With adventure, Little Bit and his crew set out for a day of play at the beach. Little Bit Romie, the main character alongside Click, Browser (the “chip’s” pets) go to the beach with his big brother, Big Byte. Joy, his sister, Kay Board and Webster also join in at the beach to build sandcastles.
With little notice, trouble comes through sly characters Vi and Russ, who are looking to crash any party. The author creates a unique and creative “day at the beach” which is saved by a big wave…thankfully. Memorable and inspiring, this little book will help children understand to surf intelligently and with skilled “know how.”
Children and parents alike will love the illustrations, giving way for parents to teach their kids about computers. The author has presented an ingenious way to speak the dangers of surfing the Web to young children that they will enjoy.
This little book comes highly recommended to all parents when beginning to educate their children about computers, or when school starts children on computers.
You may get your copy of Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach at Amazon.
Title: Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach
By: Craig T. Feigh
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 7, 2018 at 1:58pm

Venatius Agbasiere takes a truthful look at suffering, relates them to readers in a Biblical sense, giving hope and encouragement for the journey of life. An outstanding read! ~ CBM Book Reviews
The plight of mankind, many ask why? Why is there so much suffering in the world?  In his book,  Suffering: Finding True Peace, Joy and Happiness in the Midst of Life’s Challenges, Problems and Difficulties, Venatius Agbasiere looks at suffering, the how and the why God uses seasons to build character, teach and make us pliable as clay is molded into a beautiful vessel. This going from desert to desert to bring His chosen ones into the Promised Land is a actually a type of training ground that the author calls a “breaking.” He states that, “Breaking is painful, breaking is frustrating, breaking is uncomfortable, but blessing comes afterwards, so please, do not give up during the time of breaking.” Further stating, “There is a blessing in breaking. We are broken by God in order to be blessed.”
The above statement gives insight into the focus of the book, as additional Biblical input builds the foundation as he preaches from the Scriptures. His book is meant to encourage the Body of Christ and to give understanding during the difficult seasons of life in order to make way for God to work and bring His blessings into one’s life. Offering his own experiences going from a third world country to the United States, his book states that all suffer, just in different ways. He reminds those that are doing well to not look upon those who are suffering, but presents a compassionate look at people’s sufferings.
Instrumentally, he teaches that God cared for the Israelites through all they went through. Similarly, we are to remember this that God does not change and He will not abandon us. He will provide us of all our needs and seasons do come to an end. God turns all into good for His Kingdom. (Romans 8:28)
Highly recommended as a must-read for every Christian, whether a new or mature believer. 
Get your copy of Suffering: Finding True Peace, Joy and Happiness in the Midst of Li...Challenges, Problems and Difficulties at Amazon or in Kindle.

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on February 1, 2018 at 8:35pm

America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible: A Select Study on America’s Christian Origin by Stephen A. Flick, Ph.D. shares America’s rich biblical history and Christian heritage. Focusing on the American Revolution and afterwards, the author writes that America was founded on Christian principles and biblical practices that our Founding Fathers instituted, stemming from the formation of our government and the Continental Congress. Unwaveringly the author also reveals contrary claims by secularists and irreligionists that America was founded and “arose from the barrenness of secularism,” give way to an intriguing book that gives insight into America’s beginnings, formation as a nation and the underlying Christian legacy of America as a nation.
Divided into three sections: The Continental Congress and the Bible, Three Founding Fathers on the Bible, After the American Revolution, Conclusion: American Renaissance and coupled with three Reading Sections -  Defense of the use of the Bible as a SchoolBook, President of Congress Starts Bible Society & By the Bible or By the Bayonet, the author sheds light on the legacy of freedom, commitment to the Christian faith and the Bible, that helps readers understand and presents a brief glimpse into the motivations and truths from which our Founding Fathers relied upon.
With this perspective in mind, this book also provides viewpoints propagated from American Academia, jurisprudence and other disciplines that seem to ignore the facts. Further giving an overview of the initial thirteen colonies that sparked America’s growth and the first decrees of fasts and thanksgivings originally declared, coupled with the ensuing American Revolution, the author shows that America is a country that is nationally based upon the Bible. As the author states, Rather, both private and public writings overwhelmingly demonstrate that America's Founding Fathers intended and did establish American government upon biblical principles and practices.” 
This simple, yet historically accurate read comes highly recommended to all Americans, Patriots, Christians, college students and to the general public that serves as a reminder to get back to the foundational principles our country was founded on. Knowing your heritage and history is important and this book presents a keen understanding of “how” our great nation came to be. 
You may get your copy of America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible at Amazon, in Kindle and at other fine online bookstores. Visit Christian Heritage Fellowship for further information and some amazing ministry.

Comment by Timothy J. Desmond on June 24, 2015 at 4:25pm

Though I am posting more on the Book marketing site, I have not commented on the California page in a long time. It is important to be included and in touch with one another. Many times I feel my opinions seem silly. Too, and I know many have not read my work, I have not read many of the others works, in order to make comments.  How is that possible? There are thousands of us. Have a great week.

Comment by Sha Li on February 16, 2015 at 4:12pm

Comment by Mark Sheldon on August 7, 2011 at 9:37pm

Good Evening Everyone,

I am very excited to announce that, for a limited time only, I will be releasing a special hardcover omnibus edition of Books 1-4 of "The Noricin Chronicles," and I will be donating 100% of my author royalties for the sales of this limited edition to Book Aid International (, a literacy charity based in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, in order to maintain a reasonable list price for the book, I am unable to make it available through distribution channels such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. As such, the book will only available for order through At the moment, it looks like the list price will be about $26.00, but I am currently in discussions with LuLu to see if we might be able to bring that down a bit, since the sales of the book are going to a noble cause. I appreciate your patience and understanding!

This special hardcover edition, with cover artwork designed by yours truly, will only be available between September 3, 2011, and December 31, 2011, so be sure to grab a copy while you can! Stay tuned to this newsletter for more information - I will be sending out an update in September once the book is available and the final list price is set!

Happy reading,

Mark Sheldon

Comment by Mark Sheldon on June 2, 2011 at 7:38pm

Good Evening Everyone,

I'm happy to announce that the mini trailer for "Scorpio Rising" (Book 4 of "The Noricin Chronicles") is now online on YouTube (see below)!

Also starting today is the Goodreads giveaway contest, in which I will be giving away 12 signed copies of "Scorpio Rising". You have between now and July 1st to enter in the contest (!

"Scorpio Rising" will be released on July 5th, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates about its release!

Happy Reading,
Mark Sheldon



Comment by Mark Sheldon on May 7, 2011 at 11:28am

Good morning everyone!


I'm pleased to announce that "The Room of Death," Book 3 of "The Noricin Chronicles," is now here! To find out where you can order your copy today, visit:

Following in the steps of JS Chancellor and Neil Gaiman, to celebrate the release of "The Room of Death," for the month of May I'm making the e-book of "The Lost Boy" available for FREE! Yes, FREE! To take advantage of this promotion, just enter the discount code WD62W when you purchase the e-book at Smashwords ( ).

For those, like myself, who still prefer physical books, I'm also offering a promotion for the month of May to get 25% off of purchases of "The Lost Boy" ( ) and "The Gottlehrling Goblet" ( ). Just enter the discount code URJVH2NS upon checkout at CreateSpace!

I am also pleased to announce that "Scorpio Rising" - the fourth installment of "The Noricin Chronicles" - will be published on July 5th, 2011, and the mini book trailer for "Scorpio Rising" will be going on-line on June 1st, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates about those releases!

For those who knew about my previous plans to release all twelve books between now and December 2012, after careful consideration I have decided to revise my original release schedule. "Scorpio Rising" will be the last new release for 2011, however I will be publishing a special hardcover omnibus edition of books 1-4 toward the end of this year. Books 5-8 will be released over the course of 2012, and books 9-12 will be released over the course of 2013. I hope that doesn't disappoint too many readers, but the change of schedule really was necessary for my own sanity as well as other marketing considerations.

Happy reading,

Mark Sheldon

Comment by Linda Ballou on April 18, 2011 at 9:43pm
Sorry to hear all the prices are dropping on books. I know I'm swimming up stream, but if people want something they will pay for it!

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