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Comment by J.A. Kalis on Sunday

FREE ON MONDAY, 08/21/2017

Would love to get more reviews!

A plane crash in the Amazon jungle... 
A desperate struggle for survival ...
An unexpected discovery... 

Ecuador. A dream holiday turns into a nightmare when two young men are stranded in the Ecuadorian rainforest after their plane crashes. Desperate to survive, they decide to set off on a daring journey through the 'green hell'. Despite the harsh environment sucking their strength away, they push on until they enter a territory inhabited by isolated Indian tribes hostile to outsiders and where probably the fabulous treasures destined for the last Inca emperor Atahualpa's ransom, are hidden. Soon, unexpected dangers arise.

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on Sunday
The Re-Creation of Planet Earth and Real Account of Life’s Beginnings by Brian Donnelly shares insight into the Earth’s age, Creation, science, evolution, the Big Bang theory and the beginning of life.  Also sharing God, Jesus and insight into Heaven, makes this a book that pits itself against any other theory other than Biblical creation, giving research, history and research.
The author’s main goal is to give readers the facts of evolution in a language that is easily understood by most, and to let them decide for themselves using logic, science and the Scriptures. He has written a book that causes people to think about “what” they are believing in when speaking of the thought that humans came from apes, and mentions other theories as well. His writing shows that evolution and other theories by scientists, disproves itself.
Beginning with Earth’s age, the author asks a poignant question. One that I think most Christians have asked: “Have you wondered why there is such a huge discrepancy regarding the age of our planet?” As scientists have claimed, the Earth’s age is 4.6 billion years, yet the Bible refers to planet Earth as only being six thousand years old. Revealing a study through the book of Genesis, the author sets the stage for the understanding that Creation is a viable theory.
Summarizing such events as Adam and Eve giving birth to the first generation Cain and Abel, to Noah and the Flood, the book skips along at a fast-paced, keeping readers attention. Continuing to trace the origins of the “Out of Africa” movement created by Darwin, the author propagates his attention to the details of their arguments. Analyzing, how this actually could happen without becoming overly scientific, so all of us can understand.
This is a great and relatively short read that directs people to look up, at God, at Jesus, describes what Heaven is like and gives them an understanding that makes sense. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wonders: Where and how did we get here? Within this, the author is courageous enough to state his mind and that he believes humans did not come from apes!  Adding some humor throughout, readers will appreciate the author’s integrity on a man’s attention and dedication and family, gives insight into the unfair spread of wealth and speaks to those who have a heart to do something.
To find out more information about Why The Theory Of Evolution Can Never Be Proved visit Author Brian Donnelly.
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on Sunday
Title: Restored in His Presence: Finding Peace and Joy at the Master’s Feet
By: Piely Paul
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Restored in His Presence: Finding Peace and Joy at the Master’s Feet by Piely Paul is designed as a yearly daily devotional that sheds light on God’s unfailing Word, His promises of protection, safety, peace and love that are available for each one of us. As a Devotional, the book begins on January 1 and ends on December 31st. The book is unique in that the author keeps to theme of restoring, peace, joy and hope. Each page begins with a scripture verse and ends with a concurrent scripture. Living daily in His presence is the main theme and the author encourages all of God’s goodness, God’s character and His ways to having peace and joy in life, helping readers develop a closer walk in their relationship to the Lord.
With hand-selected scripture verses, this book facilitates trust and leaning in on Jesus, just as the Apostle John did. Fresh insights bring renewed hope and life that help readers understand many different facets of redemption and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. The book reveals Jesus in such a way as the Good Shepard and the Savior of our souls that it brings understanding and revelation to the reader. Short commentary enhance readers’ understanding of Old and New Testament insight, as the author has included a faith-filled look at some of our the patriarchs, such as Moses and David. With Biblically sound doctrine, the author has combined spiritual truths that add to the book, sharing the promises we have on Earth now, as well as for eternity.
Redemption, the joy of salvation, and restoration make this book, an excellent book for someone needing hope and encouragement. This daily devotional makes for an enjoyable read that helps bring Christian focus on Jesus and His Word and His promises that speak of joy, healing, hope, salvation and safety in Him. 
A highly recommended daily devotional!

Get your copy of Restored in His Presence: Finding Peace and Joy at the Master’s Fee... or in Kindle as a download.

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on July 28, 2017 at 11:39am
Title: Demon Portals: 
A Psychic Medium’s Path to Deliverance
By: Timna Pilch
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Demon Portals: A Psychic Medium’s Path to Deliverance by Timna Pilch reveals the dangers of dabbling in the paranormal, psychic divination, and occult practices. As one who practiced divination, and had a wide-range of experience as a Psychic Medium, the paranormal, demons, visitations and hauntings, this book is an eye-opener.  Her knowledge in occultic practices will surprise many and leave many who read it in awe of the deception and ways that demonic entities infiltrate our lives. Her main purpose in writing this book is to shed light into God’sTruth from The Holy Bible of the absolute dangers and warnings that God gives to those who would continue to dabble in paganism and occultic practices. Revealing just how dangerous this is, her story unveils the supernatural realm, patterns of demons, and the reality of good versus evil that clears the confusion about the paranormal, ghosts, spirits, hauntings, demon possession and entanglement, that offers to readers hope in a future with Christ while simultaneously offering a keen understanding of the invisible world and the battle for our souls.
Beginning with an overview of her childhood, she starts with her birth. Seemingly born with a deep intuition and empathic abilities, her childhood reveals much suffering and trauma that only compounded her emotional state, also being surrounded by demonic entities from birth, that took her down a dark path in life. Explaining her gifts, as what she calls prescience and being an empath, also gave her a unique insight of the supernatural realm, in which most do not experience. Her experiences, pictures and choices only reveal a deeper understanding to readers of the deception and influence the demonic realm has upon our lives, thoughts and spirits through various means.
Her true story is fascinating and her book helps those who are deceived to find truth in the God’s Ways, His Word and the salvation and grace offered to them with a new life in Christ. Additionally, as a Vegan, her book offers further insight into the character of animals, their suffering and advocates “non-consumption” of animal meat and by-products, such as milk and cheese. Christians will be intrigued and find much Biblical foundation and insight into the demonic realm that will give them a better understanding of demons, and for those who are dabbling in witchcraft and the occult, they will understand that they are literally “opening up” demonic portals into their life. Her book gives advice on the only way to get free – Repentance, Redemption, water baptism, prayer and living God’s way of life.
What a wonderful read filled with hope with a future in Christ and His Truth! ~ Demon Portals: A Psychic Medium's Path to Deliverance at Amazon
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on July 19, 2017 at 5:11pm
Title: Responsive Readings for the Modern Church
By: David Rhodes
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Responsive Readings for the Modern Church by David Rhodes is: “A study in the relationships between Bible scriptures in a responsive reading format for use in corporate worship or personal study.” Using key words, this study is similar to a concordance, wherein a person can look up scriptures references. Gleaning from subjects pertinent to each book, the author has selected verses that impact faith, belief, and daily living that give a wide-range of subjects from such books such as: Psalms and Proverbs, with over a thousand footnotes that add to the versatility, incorporating the Old and New Testament books. This book fosters a time for study and meditation in God’s Word that will increase faith and nourishes the soul with the premise that God’s Word is alive and active.
To use this book, readers can simply look up a subject that interests them or perhaps a word like hope. Designed for reflective reading, this is an easy and vital way to study scripture verses that instill hope, encouragement and helps anchor the soul through Jesus Christ and the Word. In the eBook format readers are able to click directly on the footnotes link which will lead them to the WEB (World English Version) online for further study.
Such subjects as: angel, anger, apostle, believe, born, children, chosen, create, David, eternal, faith, forgive, free, God, great, Heaven, holy, hope, Jacob, Jesus, Joseph, joy, Kingdom, laugh, light, Lord, love, majesty, mercy, nothing, peace, power, pray, righteous, sacrifice, salvation, silence, sin, spirit, thanks, water, wisdom, word, work, worship, evil, fool, gold, good, man, the righteous and the  wicked, and so much more, provide a wide spectrum of the scripture verses that speak of Christian values, morals, choosing life and implores readers to live by the Word. As humans, we tend to forget- this book is a good reminder of God’s wisdom that is written onto the tablets of our hearts.
Developed for corporate study or personal reflection, this book is a quick way to ingest the Word and memorize scripture verses to be encouraged and inspired through the Word of God.
Comment by Janis C. on July 10, 2017 at 3:48pm

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on July 10, 2017 at 3:25pm
The Unexpected Visitation by Stephen M. Grimble presents to readers an intriguing Christian fiction novel told from a Catholic viewpoint. Christmas Eve, 2032, meet Isabella. Surviving a horrific car crash where her husband, son and unborn child are all killed, this novel speaks the hope of the Gospel through an unbelievable tragedy. Bella, tenaciously choosing faith, this book draws readers into Bella’s world, as she receives an assignment from an unexpected visitation. She meets Jesus, face-to-face as He returns, visiting her church. Called to follow Him, become an apostle, and write the basic tenants of the Christian faith in a 12-step summarization, the author takes readers on a fascinating journey into faith and the Good News of the Gospel.
Set in a world of skepticism, sin and faithlessness, the author asks the question: “If Christ came again, would you believe or would you doubt or deny Him, as did so many people two millennia ago?” His book is written for believers and non-believers alike, and presents an adventure, a journey of faith into the heart of the Gospel of Christ, Jesus, the Son of God, His teachings and His status as the only One True God, prodding those who would not believe, and inviting all into taking a look into who Jesus is. Also, shedding light on lukewarm Christianity, giving faith a chance to flourish, as Bella brings revival, miracles at the direction of Jesus to 6 countries around the world.
This is a highly recommended Christian fiction novel craftily written that will help those who believe in Christ, yearn for apostleship, signs and wonders and for those who do not believe, a revival and miraculous awakening may occur.
Title: The Unexpected Visitation
By: Stephen M. Grimble
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Get your copy of The Unexpected Visitation at Amazon or as a download in Kindle.
Comment by Leea Baltes on July 6, 2017 at 3:18pm

Mama Mouse is running as fast as her little legs can carry her, while holding onto her two frightened babies, an armful of cherished heirlooms, and a basketful of food! The old abandoned farmhouse is being demolished, forcing the little mice family to leave their cozy home and to run for their lives! What is Mama to do? Where will she find shelter for her family? Nighttime arrives as Mama, tired and scared, calls out to the vast heavens above for help and guidance… and WOW... does she get answers!
Her cries for help bring about a couple of strange occurrences that Mama quickly recognizes as “opportunities” to help her family in the midst of their crisis. With her babies in hiding and sleeping the night away, she instantly rolls up her sleeves and gets to work!

The combination of beautiful illustrations and eloquent poetry creates an inspirational bedtime story of how even the tiniest of animals on earth are connected to the stars, the moon, and the universe. An ideal book for teaching little ones of how hopes and dreams can be realized, not by just wishing, but by taking action and doing good things toward achieving your desires, along with a little gratitude for what you already have.


 "The book theme, the cover and content, the illustrations are just phenomenal.  I enjoyed it very much."   
                    Sandy Giordano - News Correspondent - Beaver County Radio, PA 1230 WBVP/ 1460WMBA
Goodnight Wishes is a beautiful story about strength, faith and never giving up, even when life doesn't always go as planned! The amazing illustrations on every page will captivate children and adults alike, and the uplifting story will warm your heart! Can't wait for the next book!

"Your wishes are for the moon and stars to keep... always make a wish before you sleep!"  Leea Baltes - Author / Illustrator

Goodnight Wishes! is now available as eBook, paperback, and hardcover on

You can visit the author, Leea Balte at her website:                                                     Thank you!

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on June 27, 2017 at 11:15pm
Hamilton Saves the Fourth of July by Tawney Anderson shares the adventures of Jenny and farm life, making a fun read for children (and adults alike), bringing animals, nature and humans together – As the third book of the series of The Jenny Adventures, Jenny lives on the farm with her parents, and a cast of unforgettable farm animals. Jenny has a unique bond with these animals as they have saved her family on many occasions and vice versa.
It’s almost the 4th of July and Jenny wants to help the animals understand why we have the 4th of July, and that even though the fireworks scare the animals because they are so loud, she explains from a book how the United States came to be. This story will keep children (and adults) captivated by the funny antics of the animals, the cast of characters around the farm, and the fun, adventure and trials along the way, as they discover a little hummingbird named Hamilton who saves the day!
Fun animal facts add to this funny, inspiring and heart-warming children’s book. This is one book you will want to keep in your library for generations to come. Entertaining and witty, the author teaches our little ones the importance of Christian values, adding to the book an inspiration to be all that God has called them to be. With colorful artwork, children learn to thank God and to pray to God, they learn a little about the Indians, the 13 colonies, the British and the Revolutionary War, in a simple way.
Pick up her first 2 books in the series to get a better understanding of all that Jenny and the farm animals have been through ~ A Nativity Christmas and The Easter Miracle.
This is a fun and instructive way to teach our children why we celebrate the Fourth of July, the importance of kindness to animals and to care for their environment, and that they too play an important part in our world today!
Hamilton Saves the Fourth of July 
(The Jenny Adventures Series 3)
By: Tawney Anderson
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Highly Recommended! Get your copy of Hamilton Saves the Fourth of July at Amazon or as a download in Kindle.
Comment by Fay Risner on June 12, 2017 at 5:03pm

Katrina’s Gift – A historical story

My latest book, a novella, is in print now. My idea for this book was a short story I wrote for a contest several years ago when the contest theme was vampires and supernatural stories. I expanded the short story into a novella. I happened to see a friend post two pictures of a rainbow last year near her home in Northern Iowa and realized I could use those pictures for my cover. Katrina sees a rainbow aura before she has a vision. The rainbows were ideal. Thanks so much to my friend for giving me permission to use the pictures.

Front Cover of the book


Katrina Sibowski has inherited a gift from her grandmother she doesn’t want or understand. Gift is what her grandmother, Libby Sibowski, calls the women in the Sibowski family’s ability to have second sight. This revelation catches Katrina by complete surprise. Her mother, Vencil, is uneasy around her mother-in-law because of her powers. She knew there was a fifty-fifty chance Katrina might inherit second sight, but she didn’t warn her daughter. Katrina’s grandmother is the granny woman healer for the neighborhood. The closest thing to a doctor. She doesn’t talk about her gift and very few people have witnessed her have visions. They see that as a witch’s curse. When Libby Sibowski realizes thirteen-year-old Katrina now has dream visions, Libby wants to train Katrina to become the next healer to take her place, but Libby warns Katrina to be careful not to talk about her second sight so no one outside of the family knows about Katrina’s Gift.

Paperback book can be found at Amazon

Kindle has the ebook at has the ebook at

Enjoy reading my books and those of other authors when you’re on a relaxing vacation.

Fay Risner


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