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Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on Tuesday
Changed by a Catch - With delightful humor and fun illustrations, children can engage in this endearing tale of a young sweet boy named J.J, who quickly learns that obeying the rules and your parents is better than his way.
With a smile readers find out that fruit punch turns white dogs red, that it’s easy to ruin things like dad’s briefcase with a chocolate bar, and that gum is really sticky! J.J. also learns that it is best to not let strangers into the house, and to not let his entire class know the code for the house alarm and that following directions is a really good idea! In the end, J.J. learns to obey the first time after he is Changed by a Catch. Come experience the fun!   


Born and raised in Alabama, Amy Crowe has enjoyed writing since the tender age of ten and still remembers winning her first writing contest. Since then, her work has been published in various newspapers and alumni magazines.  Being a very active mother in the lives of her three young children,Amy delights in the Lord, her family and children, as oftentimes they are the inspiration for her funny stories. With a positive influence, writing is Amy’s way of inspiring children and parents alike with life-lessons that increase their joy and faith.
This book gives readers easily relatable characters that get the message across in an entertaining way. Amy wants her books and reading to be fun for children, so they are captivated and interested while learning valuable lessons at the same time. She is currently working on her second book in the same series.
You may order your copy of this wonderful  Children's Book Changed By a Catch at Amazon.
Comment by J.A. Kalis on Monday

The Travel Mate, a gripping international suspense thriller
Grab your free copy at:

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 18, 2017 at 11:15am
America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible ~ A must read for every Christian, Pastor, Educator and American.
Contrary to the contemporary mantra that America was birthed as a secular nation, the historical evidence demonstrates that America was founded by Christians who wished to enjoy the liberty to freely express their Christian faith. Lamentably, Christians have forgotten and neglected the Christian heritage bequeathed to them by America’s Founding Fathers and have allowed secularists to disparage and deny what was given to them at such a great price.
America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible briefly describes a portion of America’s Christian heritage, particularly during the rise of nationalism when America was shaping its national government. During this era, the Founding Fathers affirmed both the principles and practices of the Bible. By no means exhaustive, this work demonstrates that America’s Founding Fathers clearly intended to perpetuate the Christian faith, in both private and public observances. The Founding Fathers left a legacy of publicly honoring the principles of Christianity and fully intended that succeeding generations of Americans should do the same.
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 17, 2017 at 1:43pm
Author Jeff W. Horton
Multi Published Author Jeff W. Horton was an Information technology professional for twenty-five years before deciding to pursue his lifelong dream of being a writer. 
Since becoming an author and screenwriter of family-friendly fiction, Jeff has written two screenplays and eight published novels in several genres including apocalyptic-fiction, science-fiction, religious fantasy, and romance thrillers. 
Jeff’s current list of works includes:
  • Heaven’s Oasis
  • New Beginnings
  • Frontiers
  • Cybersp@ce
  • The Last Prophet
  • The Way of Nacor
  • The Dark Age
  • The Great Collapse
For further information visit Jeff’s Horton’s Amazon page where you can view all of Jeff’s books. You can also visit Jeff at The Horton Library
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 15, 2017 at 12:15pm
Soul Doubt by Leo J. Battenhausen, as an author and psychotherapist, discusses the overwhelming and detrimental impact that depression and suicide are having upon society in the United States. Additionally stating  alarming statistics from the World Health Organization (2016) that suicide and depression are presently at an “epidemic high”. The author also adds that the organization’s prediction is that by 2020 depression will be the most diagnosed disease after heart disease. 
These facts, coupled with society’s views and attempts to “cure” depression with various treatments and drugs, bolster our culture that expresses itself as its own God. Selfishness, greed, media, government, and liberalism’s mantra have taken away from family and marriages like we have never seen before in the United States. With this in mind, the author makes an impressive statement – People need God and need to believe in God. With a focus on giving solutions to depression and suicide, intertwined with keen insight, he offers this book to help others recognize and be free in their souls from destructive thoughts and behaviors that are literally killing many.
Giving an overview of healthy parenting and relationships that include marriages, the author explores the human condition and the soul. Offering a laymen’s view of the soul, he explains the doubts we possess in relation to satisfying the deep void within. Despite technical advances in this information age, the author shares that we as humans are not developing as we should and have forgotten who we are. Advocating that parents invest in their children in meaningful ways, to include their parenting skills, he also exposes a spiritual side to the issue of the mind, soul and emotions. Offering readers an understanding of the realm of the soul, a secular worldview is also considered. His position is that we cannot ignore our souls, which is the essence of who we are.
Revealing what really wages war against our souls, will and emotions, the author has written a compassionate book that speaks frankly to believers and non-believers alike, sharing that there is hope and a solution to this soul problem. Well-balanced, informative, encouraging, his insight is an important work tackling the woes that plague our society, but more importantly offers real answers and hope that presents truth. The truth that God is real, and that we all need God, is something that the author will not compromise. Stating in his book description, “Soul Doubt breaks through with solution-focused answers and PROVEN ways to battle depression and suicide.”
Truthfully, this is a much-needed book in today’s society. As a skilled professional, he knows the human condition and speaks of the healing of the soul, mind and spirit. Presenting a wealth of knowledge, the spiritual battle, modern-psychology, the author offers real answers to those who are suffering or know someone who is suffering. 
Comment by Cliff Ball on March 8, 2017 at 5:34pm

Times of Turmoil, which is book one of seven in my series The End Times Saga is free on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, and Google Play.

The Evans family tries to destroy Christian influence in the US.

Google Play:

or get it directly from me on my website in epub or mobi/kindle formats:

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 7, 2017 at 11:11am
Your Book: From God: 366 Days of Inspiration, Spiritual Guidance, Anointed Prayers and Heartfelt Poetry by DaPorscha Rufus is a Daily Devotional Style book, shedding light on God’s truth and Scripture. With compassion and godly wisdom, the author illuminates life and the challenges that present themselves, offering  sound Biblical encouragement and insight on how to handle the various trials of life.
With fresh insight into relationships, the devil’s tactics, our changing emotions, and the human condition within the world, the author helps readers to understand that they are not alone and that God’s love and truth answers many of the problems they might face. Bringing keen insight, this little book offers inspiration, spiritual guidance, coupled with famous quotes, anointed prayers and heartfelt poetry that will help bring transformation and encouragement in your life.
Beautifully formatted, readers will find this book a pleasure to read as they delve into God’s prophetic Word and truth over their lives. With a resounding theme that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, the author presents topics such as relationships, faith, divine purpose, peace, love, unity, and so much more. Each devotional is uplifting, with many that are thought-provoking, this book helps others to walk and know that this is their book from God.
A highly recommended daily devotional for busy people!
Your Book From God: 
366 Days of Inspirations, Spiritual Guidance,
Anointed Prayers and Heartfelt Poetry
By: DaPorscha Rufus
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
You may get your copy of From God: 366 Days of Inspirations, Spiritual Guidance, Anointed Prayers... or in Kindle.
Be sure to visit the author at Author DaPorscha Rufus for further information.
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 6, 2017 at 1:38pm
His Sunrise My Sunset: A True Story of Love and Loss by Jan Hurst is written as a wonderful tribute to Steve her devoted husband and to her enduring love for him, God and to their family.
Endearing and captivating, Hurst goes back to their younger years, giving a glimpse into their sweet love that bloomed over 44 years. A love story that was a unique beginning that filled both their lives with hope for the future and a satisfying family. Both coming from dysfunctional backgrounds, they both felt a strong connection and safety with each other during their dating period where friendship and trust were a solid foundation. These two just loved being with each other.
Then one day tragedy struck as they set out on a retirement trip. She writes from her heart with the theme of sharing her great love for Steve and the life that they lived. Encouraging others that life is not guaranteed and that none of us know what tomorrow will bring, she hopes and prays that others remember to put God first. With a nice touch she ends with the original Serenity Prayer from Reinhold Niebuhr.
One cannot help but notice the immense love and admiration that the author had for her husband. This book is not only a testament to their enduring love, but really gives an example of how a couple can grow together, revealing that love is the bond that is unbreakable. This is such a sweet story of love, life, and her feelings going through the process of widowhood that would help anyone who has experienced such a loss to come to grips with all that is thrown at them. Unfortunately, her telling of the hospital’s protocols and procedures is a revelation of the coldness and perversity of our system. Truly, they could of asked that question first!  (You will see as you read the book.)
This is a highly recommended read for those that enjoy true stories, shedding light on what love is supposed to look like between a couple.  Blessings to you and your family Jan!  I would say you are lucky to have experienced such a great love!
You may get your copy of His Sunrise My Sunset at Amazon or as a Kindle download.
Title: His Sunrise My Sunset:
A True Story of Love and Loss
By: Jan Hurst
ISBN-13: 978-1498474412
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 2, 2017 at 7:51pm
The Eyes of Leadership by experienced management consultant Keith Garner is a nonfiction leadership book written to help experienced leaders, developing leaders, and aspiring leaders lead their teams with experience and wisdom. 
The Eyes of Leadership helps leaders understand how to communicate effectively, inspire their teams, and create goals for team development with their team members. Aspiring leaders wondering, “What is leadership?” and established leaders wondering, “How do I become a better leader?” or “How do I develop leadership skills?” will find this leadership manual to be an indispensable resource written with authority and expertise. Leadership classes and groups studying leadership principles will be aided greatly by Keith Garner's informative introduction, The Eyes of Leadership. 
This encouraging and uplifting leadership manual will help business leaders, church leaders, professional leaders, and family leaders apply foundational leadership principles to their own lives.
  • Paperback 
  • Language: English 
  • ISBN-10: 1498492304 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1498492300
You may get your copy of The Eyes of Leadership at Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. Be sure to visit Kieth at K.D. Garner for further information and some great ministry.
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on March 2, 2017 at 4:22pm

Spiritual Warfare

Living Waters Church is embroiled in spiritual warfare and is in danger of being completely overrun by a large demonic force. Logan Hall, a commander in the Lord’s army, makes a final stand at what the demon, Colonel Black Death, is calling the Battle of Poison Waters. Somehow, the enemy infiltrated the lives of the unsuspecting Christians. Spreading fear and confusion was only part of their devious mission. In this desperate hour Captain Hall suffers serious wounds inflicted by once loyal soldiers, compromised and influenced by demon spies.

Captain Hall is taken to an unknown location, in the care of a physician. While the spiritual battle continues to rage on the home front, Logan discovers demons have conspired to implicate him as the cause of the destruction of his home church. He realizes if he doesn’t soon return to the battle, all will be lost. However, in order for his wounds to mend, he must first confide in the physician, telling all his broken heart will bear.

Logan’s story occurs in Christian churches every day. Anyone who has been hurt or offended by other Christians in the family of God, will be blessed seeing how the Lord brings Logan through his fiery trial.
Sadly, when the Church fails to fulfill its fundamental purpose, to love one another; its witness to a lost and dying world sounds like an annoying, clanging, cymbal. Troubled souls long to see and hear the love of Christ harmonized in the lives of faithful Christians.


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