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I'm posting these questions here hoping we will get to see answers from people like Peter and Linda with much experience in these matters.

The site is not an easy one to penetrate, it seems to me, and I think there are some big questions many would like to see answers to:

1. Can you really publish a book there "for free"? If so, how? Is there a link to a page that explains it?

2. Similarly, how does their "Published By You" thing work, how much does it cost, where can you read up on it?

3. And lastly, what about ISBN's? How much to get them for a free book? For a "Published by You" book? Can you just buy an ISBN from them?

Thanks to anybody who can fill us all in on these things.

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As much as I don't like having to keep buying also, it did come in handy a few times so that I was able to correct mistakes made by printing or my error that I overlooked.
Hi Linton,

Here are some links you can read up on it, maybe these will help.





Thanks, Maxine (and everybody) It's great to have updated, solid information.
You are most welcome, Happy Holiday's.


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