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According to the ancient Mayan calendar, the world "as we know it" will end on December 21, 2012. This is not to be confused with the idea of the world going ka-blam! and poof, it's all over. The Mayans measured time differently than we do in the modern world. We see it in a linear fashion, extending outward into infinity. They saw it in terms of cycles. When one cycle ends another begins. And so it is with this prophetic date. It is thought to mark the end of one age and the beginning of another. However, it is not expected to be smooth sailing. The Mayans said each age ends in a cataclysmic event of one kind or another. And while much devastation is expected, it is not the end of the human race. We do survive. The intriguing thing is that the new age that is coming is thought to be an age of enlightenment and expanded consciousness.

My novel, The Ezekiel Code ( is a metaphysical/mystery/adventure/thriller with a 2012 theme. In the story there is something coming that would prevent the world from reaching 2012 and the chance to experience the great age of enlightenment would be lost forever. The responsibility of ensuring our entry into the new age falls on the shoulders of just one man. A perplexing code will lead him to an ancient artifact of profound importance to the success of his mission - if he can just figure it out in time. But the clock is ticking and there are some in high places who would like to see him fail as they have another agenda altogether.

I would like to invite all who might be interested to read the prologue and a sample chapter at

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Gary - I have viewed your website, read the prologue and a chapter. You, indeed have put together a fascinating story filled with intrigue. Our consciousness has been expanding as you are well aware. Knowing our history or perception of it will rock tradition and it is time. I look forward to reading your book and am anxious to see how you have woven together ancient findings, religion, symbols coupled with numbers, etc.

Bev Thompson
author of Mystery of the Universes
Thank you, Beverly! Yes, the weaving together of the ancient concepts, religion, sacred symbols and numbers into a single comprehensive storyline – all wrapped around the end-times prophecy of the Mayan calendar – was a 10-year task. But the motivation was fueled by passion so the "task" really seemed more like an exciting journey.

Will the Winter solstice of December 21, 2012 really usher in a new age of expanded consciousness and enlightenment as foretold in the Mayan prophecy? There are, in fact, a number of interesting "coincidences" of a celestial nature converging on us during that time period. Of particular interest to me is the timing of the solstice event on that date. It will occur at precisely 11:11 (UT).

The numbers 11:11 have intrigued thousands (perhaps millions?) of people over the past 15 or 20 years. People began to feel that whenever they noticed 11:11 on digital timepieces it seemed to trigger an "odd" sensation, a kind of gut feeling that it meant something. Thanks to the internet, people were able to find others who were having the same experience. Eventually this became known as "the 11:11 phenomenon". Somewhere along the way the idea sprang up that this 11:11 phenomenon was associated with the concept of enlightenment, expanded consciousness, and the rather esoteric notion of "ascension" (however one might choose to interpret that word). The basic idea was that if you were seeing 11:11 more often than random chance would account for then it meant you were somehow being "activated" in preparation for an experience of enlightenment and expanded consciousness. Another significant thing about this phenomenon is that it has also become strongly associated with the concept of "synchronicity". More on this in a moment. Interestingly, while this peculiar social phenomenon was developing, hardly anyone was aware that the Winter solstice of 2012 would occur at 11:11 (UT). These were two completely separate phenomena and almost no one was even aware of the latter.

What is intriguing, then, is the "coincidence" of the various concepts associated with 11:11 – as a social/psychological phenomenon – just happening to coincide with the timing of the 2012 Winter solstice which "just happens" to mark the end of the ancient Mayan calendar which "just happens" to have a prophecy attached to it that involves the idea of a new age of enlightenment and expanded consciousness. This convergence of the two "seemingly" separate phenomena seems, then, more than just a meaningless coincidence and much more like synchronicity in the true Jungian sense.

As science writer, Michael Talbot, points out on page 78 of his extraordinary book, The Holographic Universe, synchronicity "is noteworthy not only because of its improbability, but because of its apparent relationship to events taking place deep in the human psyche". Further on in the discussion he explains how some quantum physicists postulate that the phenomenon of synchroncity works to support the idea of the interconnectedness between consciousness and matter and, moreover, that at the quantum level there may be no difference between the two at all. World renown physicist, F. David Peat, "believes that synchronicities are therefore 'flaws' in the fabric of reality, momentary fissures that allow us a brief glimpse of the immense and unitary order underlying all of nature (p.80)".

The phenomenon of synchronicity itself, therefore, may be the mechanism by which this transformation will occur. Another key element in the process could be the phenomenon sociologists call "self-fulfilling prophecy". The Encyclopedia of Sociology (1974) defines self-fulfilling prophecy as "the prediction of events that do, in fact, happen because the prediction becomes the cause. For example, predictions of a stock market crash may cause a selling spree and a crash – due to the prophecy." One can see, then, how this might also fit into the 2012 scenario. As more and more people become aware of the prophecy of a coming period of change, enlightenment and expanded consciousness (not to mention all the TV documentaries that are sure to pop up the closer we get to 2012) then this, in turn – along with the other interconnected factors involved – could function to bring the prophecy to fruition.

So, taking all of this into consideration, and getting back to our original question (Will the Winter solstice of December 21, 2012 really usher in a new age of expanded consciousness and enlightenment as foretold in the Mayan prophecy?) we can see that the answer might very well be a resounding "Yes".
Gary, nice info-since you are also a member of humanityontrial, I would love to have you copy this there-maybe under the prophecy section?
Thank you Gary, very well said. For me 11:11 has meant new beginnings, a gateway, pillars, and yes, an activation. We are all a part of this web of consciousness so synchronicities abound once we are aware of such things. A new book by Gregg Braden, "The Divine Matrix" explains this web or matrix with interesting scientific information woven in. My personal consciousness has greatly expanded so this change is happening now and has been for quite a few years. I am in constant communication with like-minded folk who also are going through the many changes, and a lot of them of big challenges. Reading Eckhart Tolle's book, "The New Earth," it is amazing how we on this earth plane have used our ego in developing our material realm. I am all for materialism, but let us not forget that we are here for so much more. We are co-creators and we can take out the "co", we are Creators. We are learning to create from the heart-mind instead of our left-brain.

Quoting from my book "Mystery of the Universes", Book 2 called "The Grand Force":

"You who read these words, feel of Me. Know that you are a part of Me. As a part of Me, you hve the same love within you. You have the same powers within you. Yet yield your powers until you can stand in your holy presence and know of your capabilities. Breathe in the power of love, that total ecstasy of being whole, infinite. Breathe out your love into your world. Watch this love rise up in all men. The umbrella shall lift when the light quotient reaches the signature praise of one for another. Man, know you and what you are. Know that you can reach into the heavens and form new worlds. You can form new ways of life, new beings of life. It is all creation. Creation never stops. It pulses on and on. Each of your pulses brings on new life. It is you creating and creating."

So this whole thing is about raising our light quotient - working or creating through the heart. You mention that sociologists call this phenomenon a "self-fulfilling prophecy" and I agree. We are the ones who are bringing this change about. We have created it so. As you say "interesting 'coincidences' of a celestial nature" are converging on us. Yep! I personally can never go back to the way I conceived my life to be, very materialistic. We definitely are in changing times. Per Steve Rother and The Group (see or Kryon (forget who said this), 12-21-2012 will be a day of celebration, a magical day. Will the world that day be much different than it is now? Remember we are changing as we speak, but it may take a little longer for this world to become new.
"...12-21-2012 will be a day of celebration, a magical day. Will the world that day be much different than it is now? Remember we are changing as we speak, but it may take a little longer for this world to become new."

I agree. There will no doubt be quite a celebration on 12-21-12 but I don't think we can expect to see some miraculous, sudden change on that day. According to my understanding of the Mayan calendar that day simply marks the end of an "age", the end of a "cycle" of time and most likely the beginning of a new age – at least in terms of the Mayan way of measuring the cycles of time. So, like you quoted (or paraphrased), it may take a little longer for this world to become new. But we also need to be aware of the fact that the Mayans predicted the possibility of some radical earth changes somewhere within this 2012 time frame. This prediction was based on their belief that the end of each of the previous "ages" did not just vanish peacefully into the night. They believed each of the previous ages ended in violent cataclysms of one sort or another. If that does happen this time then clearly such an event would usher in some major changes in terms of the way we respond to that event or series of events. In such a scenario I suppose it would take quite some time, in the aftermath of the cataclysm, for the new, hopefully "enlightened" version of humanity to come to full flower. In any case, as the old saying goes, we do live in interesting times! :-)
Thank you for the invite. I am now signed up with your website.


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