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Jay Weidner, renowned producer of esoteric themed documentaries and co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye said The Ezekiel Code is "entertaining and enlightening" and "a course in high strangeness". People have asked me, "What does he mean by 'a course in high strangeness'?" If you're wondering the same thing, I'd like to take this opportunity to answer the question.

When I wrote The Ezekiel Code I had more in mind than just telling a compelling story. I also wanted to bring to the reader a wide variety of provocative ideas, esoteric themes, unusual concepts and unexplained phenomena. For some readers this will be their first encounter with these things. Other readers may be somewhat familiar with these things but not with the alleged––or even with the historically verified––facts behind them. Still others will undoubtedly be quite familiar with many of the concepts and unexplained phenomena and they'll enjoy finding how they've been woven into the context of an intriguing tale of mystery, adventure, discovery, murder and, well... "high strangeness".

So what kind of things are we talking about?

How about the concept of the "Third Eye"? What is it? From where does it originate? What is the meaning behind that single eye above the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill? Does it have anything to do with the concept of the Third Eye? Or is it, as some say, related to the concept of the "All Seeing Eye" or even, perhaps, the "Eye of Horus" from the Egyptian mythology? Or is it all somehow tied together? And why is the "capstone" of that pyramid depicted as floating above the rest of the pyramid? Why is the illustration of that pyramid composed of 72 blocks? Is there some esoteric symbolism behind the number 72? The association with Free Masonry is relatively well known. But is any of this somehow related to the secret society of the Illuminati? Who are the Illuminati, anyway? Do they exist today? Did they ever exist at all?

What, exactly, did the prophet Ezekiel encounter by the banks of the river, Chebar, thousands of years ago? From his detailed descriptions of the object one can easily see he may have been describing a vehicle of advanced technology. Of course, his vocabulary was limited to the ancient times and cultural context in which he existed. His idea of advanced technology was not much more than a cart pulled by a donkey. Furthermore, the complete story of Ezekiel's experience seems eerily similar to current tales of so-called "alien abductions". Could there be more... much more... to the story of Ezekiel than we've been led to believe? Josef Blumrich, a former NASA contractor and engineering specialist, thinks it's a real possibility (see his non-fiction work, The Spaceships of Ezekiel).

What about the Great Pyramid's missing capstone? Some say it was made of gold. Did it ever exist? If not... why not? Was that ancient architectural wonder simply left incomplete? Or is there more to this mystery than anyone has so far discovered? The Ezekiel Code posits an exciting answer in it's final chapters!

What about the mysterious "Coral Castle" in Florida? It exists, all right. Question is, how did that skinny, little fellow with tuberculosis manage to move those huge mega-ton stones into place by himself in the middle of the night? Did he really know the secrets of the pyramids as he claimed? And what about the story from that archeologist back in the 1920s who claimed to have witnessed a group of monks in the Himalayan mountains as they used sound to levitate a huge bolder? What do the following gematria equations mean?


Who or what is the Black Pope? What are the murky origins of the Order of the Jesuits and what nefarious activities have they carried out? What really happens at the secret Bilderberg meetings? What is remote viewing and did the CIA really drop their secret project code-named "StarGate"?  Are there really parallel universes? Is the "Bible Code" real? Who were the Anunnaki? Were they really from another planet as the ancient Sumerian tablets seem to imply? Are they referenced in the Bible as the Anakim and the Sons of Anak? Who were "The Watchers"? Who were the "Nephilim?" Are we alone in the cosmos or have we been under constant surveillance by extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings for millenia?

But wait... There's more...

What's with that strange little church dedicated to Mary Magdalene in the sleepy little hilltop village of Rennes le Chateau in the South of France? What about that uniquely shaped pentagram that British researcher, David Wood, discovered in the layout of the land in that same area? And how does it provide a major clue to the discovery of an important "lost scroll" in the novel, The Ezekiel Code?

How about "Sacred Geometry"? What is it? How does it relate to that Christian "fish" symbol you see on the back of some people's automobiles? How is the number 666 "encoded" in the chapter and verse numbers where it appears in the book of Revelation?  What is the "Canon of Sacred Numbers"? And why are they all multiples of the number 9? And what could the following equation mean?


What is the ancient art of gematria as practiced by the ancient Greek and Hebrew priests and mystics using their respective alphabets? Could the English alphabet be used in a similar manner? Is the English alphabet somehow "encoded"? Is it just a mere coincidence that the English spellings of JESUS, LUCIFER, CROSS and MESSIAH all share the same English gematria number, 74? Is it just a mere coincidence that when 74 is reversed to 47 (to mimic the "reversal" of the cross in some satanic rituals) and then combined with the forward version of the number, the result is 121, the exact English gematria value of the word ANTICHRIST?

And last, but absolutely not least (because it's at the crux of the novel!)...

Is the end of the Mayan "Long Count" calendar on December 21, 2012 really the end of the world? Or is it something else? Perhaps the end of the world "as we know it"? Perhaps a window of unprecedented opportunity for the human race? And if so, could something happen that would prevent us from ever reaching that date, thus stealing from us a miraculous future of hope for all of humankind? Has such an unthinkable event all ready occurred? Is 2012 coming... or isn't it? Here's a clue. One of the promotional tag lines for The Ezekiel Code is this: "You are no longer where you think you are." To understand this––and how all of these other things could possibly be woven into a single story––you'll find it all in The Ezekiel Code.

Watch the video presentation of the prologue from the novel at

The Kindle edition of The Ezekiel Code is enjoying it's 27th week as a "Best Seller" in the categories of "Occult" and "Religious Fiction". The paperback also continues its ride as an "Best Seller" in the category of "Occult".

My sincere thanks to all my readers for making The Ezekiel Code a Best Seller! May it continue to ride the wave! Thanks again.

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My sister in Indiana owns a Metaphysical bookstore. I will ask her if she carries this title. I think it's definitely something her customers would be interested in!
Hey, thank you, Sarah!
I would love to own a metaphysical bookstore. I'd probably live in it. LOL
LOL! It's a wonderful store with a powerful energy. I'd like to live there, too! =)
What's the name of your sister's bookstore? I think if I had a metaphysical bookstore I might call it Plato's Cave and the storefront would look like a cave entrance. If you had a metaphysical bookstore, what would you call it?


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