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Make Your Teen a Millionaire this Christmas

The result is over $1.56 million in tax free savings at age 65 that will still continue to grow based on how much they withdrawal each year until they pass. In essence, they could have a $100,000 per year tax-free income at age 65 while still allowing their account to grow.

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How to Become Wealthy in 2012 and Win a Valuable Portrait of Ben Franklin!

James Ward, author of Wealth Virtues, has created a path for individuals to keep their New Year's financial resolutions using the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. Readers now have another financial incentive to buy and read Wealth Virtues.

Anyone can be wealthy. You don't need to be a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffet to be wealthy. You don't even need a six-figure income to be wealthy. The book Wealth Virtues by James Ward starts with the simple definition of wealth as "the ability to…


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Women, Money, and Virtues: The New American Revolution

As a father of three wonderful, strong, intelligent daughters, the husband of a fiscally savvy woman, and the brother of a woman who started a multi-million dollar business from nothing, I can honestly say that I was influenced dramatically in the writing of WEALTH VIRTUES by seeing what my sister did, benefiting from what my wife does, and hoping for what my daughters will achieve. To that end, I also find it necessary to see why it is more important now more than ever to live in…


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Finally, A New Book Provides a Realistic Path to Individual Wealth

The Newly Released WEALTH VIRTUES by James Ward, uses the widsom of Benjamin Franklin to provide the path for the realistic achievement of wealth.

The word “wealth” is almost always viewed as the ability to live like a king. In WEALTH VIRTUES, wealth is simply the goal of acquiring more money than you spend, and to save more than you owe. The path set forth in WEALTH VIRTUES towards this goal is embodied in the Cycle of Positive Wealth…


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Wealth Virtues - A Literary Critique

Though the release for Wealth Virtues by James Ward of Poor Richard Web Press, LLC will not be until the summer of 2010, the publication copy has been critiqued by Deborah Young and is presented below.

Poor Richard Web Press, LLC is also the creator of, a free press release service for authors and…


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Launching a Book Yet to be Published

Will "preloading" on the social networks pay off?

Unless you are Sarah Palin and make it to the top of the New York Times Bestleller List before your book hits the streets, you have to look at ways to become established at some level to at least gain a leg up on promoting your book.

If you are lucky enough to have a literary agent or traditional publisher working on your behalf… Continue

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Are Authors interested in Wealth and Virtue?

As a provider of free Internet publicity for authors and writers with services from, I have taken the leap to pen what I think will be a very useful book sharing the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin as part of a set of tools to help you better understand, and aquire Wealth. Not a "get rich quick" bit of blather, but instead a well organized plan.

The Book is (or rather will be) 'Wealth Virtues.

I redefine wealth to… Continue

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Authors earn 100% royalties & control all rights with Mill City Press

As traditional publishers shrink their lists and decrease the number of new titles, self-publishing emerges to fill the gap. Mill City Press offers a new way of looking at self-publishing. They use their industry experience and e-commerce insight to give you the most cost-effective tools for self-publishing, marketing, and selling your book.

They are the only self-publishing company that offers wholesale printing costs. You pay what publishers pay. They also don't take even a penny… Continue

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Poor Richard Web Press Donates 16 Percent of Book Sales to First Book

Poor Richard Web Press, LLC, the organization that provides free book marketing through donated 16% of it's 2008 revenue to First Book, a national nonprofit organization that provides children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books.

Book sales are generated from websites that cater to customers in the United States, Canada, and the united Kingdom through the following websites"…


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BiblioSCribe ReTweets All of Your Articles and Press Releases

You have seen the articles from John Kremer about making Twitter a part of your book marketing efforts.

In continuing our tradition of providing FREE Book Marketing venues for authors, writers, and publishers, has integrated Twitter into how we help you market your work. We do this in several ways:

1. When you become a member (for free), you can enter your Twitter name. This will provide a link in your… Continue

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Author Marketing - A Free Kindle 2

Just viewed a posted press release on where Authour Michael Klein of his book entitled Sectarian Song: Cult Escapist is giving away a brand new KINDLE 2 on every 500 copies of his book that sells through

You can read more about it… Continue

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Using Twitter to promote your book AND Tweetgetter to expand your followers! has been a FREE resource for you to publish press releases and articles about your book. If you have not taken advantage of's free marketing services, visit and start today.

I am also in the middle of completing my first book, WEALTH VIRTUES, which explores the use of Benjamin Franklin's Thirteen Virtues to accomplish your financial goals. To begin promotion of my book, I am using Ning (… Continue

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Wow! Check out this Book Marketing Media Convergence has a growing membership of great authors like yourself who want to take advantage of free publicity using our syndicated press release and article submission tools.

One new member is Dr. Jonathan Huxley, who's new book Imagenuity uses subtle wit to poke a bit of fun at the self-help "improve your life" fads of today.

Using a nice… Continue

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Is Missing your Book Cover? Here’s the Solution

If your book is listed on, but you get one of those "picture unavailable" blocks in place of your cover, use the following information to get your book cover image on

If you send the cover by File Transfer Protocol (FTP), the image is often posted overnight. To send a file by FTP, you will need to have software such as CuteFTP or Filezilla, a free FTP application.

On your FTP program, input your hostname as

Your login name… Continue

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Guerrilla “Bookmark”-eting (or unorthadox ways to get publicity with an oversize business card)

Guerrilla marketing has been around for quite a while. Guerrilla marketing, as in Guerrilla warfare has certain attributes. According to an entry on Wikapedia, the strengths of a guerrilla strategy are are:

- Never attacking the enemy’s main force preserves resources.

- It is very flexible and can be adapted to any situation, offensive or defensive.

- It is very difficult to counter with conventional methods.


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Author News for the New Year from

Check out the new authors who have taken advantage of the free press release service for this past week. Get your free BiblioScribe membership and get your book noticed! NEW FROM BIBLIOSCRIBE.COM -…


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NEW FREE AUTHOR BLOG - Increase Traffic to your Website!

Of course you already contribute to the blog at the Book Marketing Network, but having another free web marketing tool can also help drive visitors to your main website.

The Free Blog for Book Marketing

To help with this, provides a free author account to the BiblioScribe Blog, allowing you to publish posts and links to your website.

If you would like your…


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Get Your Book Cover on NOW with!

If your book is listed on, but you get one of those "picture unavailable" blocks in place of your cover, can help. Members can send their cover to us and we will upload to the book cover catalog for you - FREE.…


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Recent Author Press Releases

Some great new press releases published at include the works of Nellotie Porter Chastain, Doris Beaulieu, Tinisha Nicole Johnson, and Mark David Gerson.

Find your Refuge in Emptiness

PublishAmerica is proud to be the presenter of…


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Free Author Blogs and Free Domain Name with $5.95/month Web Hosting

Not ready to put a lot of money into a website? You can still get the convenience of your own web presence under your own domain name to publish your own work without anyone else's ads -- just those for your own book!

As a member of the Book Marketing Network, you already know that blogs are great tools for allowing you to publish your own articles with pictures and video. Most good blog software will also "ping" news…


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