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It Can’t Be Done!
August 14th, 2008
I was watching the Olympics the other night. One of the men on the rings was able to pull himself from his body and legs sticking straight out behind into a handstand position without “bouncing”. By pure arm strength he tipped up slowly to a perfect upside-down T. it was amazing to watch, especially since the reporter said that before this man had done this move it was thought to be impossible. He said even two years ago the experts all said the human body could not do that.

Remember the movie The Right Stuff? It was thought we could not break the sound barrier, that it would kill a human to go that fast. It was said we would never make it to the moon, yet we have moon rocks to sit and study now. Amazing.

So what is impossible in your world? What do you think can not be done? What do you want to do that others say can not be done? Are you going to let that stop you? Those who say “never” are right about one thing- THEY will never do it. Of course as they are sitting there blah blahing about never- the guy who says it can be done will go right past them in a streak of glory!

I was told my marriage would “never” last. We had our 28th anniversary in June.

I was told I would “never” get my book in print. Wanna buy a copy? Polka-dot Star Flowers: Real Help for Real People came out this April! LOL!! “Never” tell ME “Never”!!

Can they tell you never??? Hugs, Barbara

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Comment by Barbara Smith on August 15, 2008 at 6:37am
Thank you so much! Hugs, Barbara

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