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Once God put things in motion those who once complained about stagnation more often than not find themselves fighting to keep up. I am totally amazed at the bulb that my Father has grown from a seed that was planted only two months ago.

I have my page proofs and boy what a sight. Seeing the dedication to my son is amazing and seeing the smile that comes across his face once from reading it is priceless. The draft media kit is together . . . I say draft because just today I learned that Media Kits should be available for download and that’s a totally different ball park. Writing questions for radio/television interviews was a fun project as well as learning about the magic of Press Releases. Speaking of which . . . I have found three companies so far that I’m going to work with for my Press Releases including Book Marketing Network’s very own BibiloScribe. I have begun looking for locations to do my VBT finding a nice handful of names that I enjoy. And my book cover should be coming soon within weeks.

Thanks to my daily opinioned editorials my name is starting to spread as well as my distinct voice for a highly important message. I have received my first blogging award- Keep on Trukin: Promising Blog Award- which fits nicely with my color scheme- this, was pointed out to me by the presenter. I’ve even received comments and I passed the 100 “views” mark a couple of days ago and as of this writing I need only 60 more before I reach 200. The scribes that I’ve met at the various blogging communities are great and wide in depth of material. God knows I never knew that the blogging community was filled with so much knowledge and wisdom!! I have to admit, I love this.

Blog Carnival is a gem that I just found that will allow me to set up an ezine without all the headaches that I was fearing; plus it will allow me to easily contribute long articles to others carnivals since I write short op-ed. Looks like Enlighten Christian Spirituality isn’t stepping down from any critics.

Another face lift to my website on top of continuing down the road I’m traveling and I should be prepared for a successful early 2008 release.

Hoping your Holy Days are peaceful!

-May you stay safe and protected


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