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On a dreary Sunday afternoon, I have an idea. Morgan Mandell invited me to join her social network, and I did. Judi Lake and starinrose are committed to social networks. There a great many other such networks involving books and publishing in all facets. Most of us, or at least the authors, are trying to get into the elitist world of commercial publication by the major publishers. If we organized and told the commercial publishers that we would not buy any more of their books until they dealth with our legitimate concerns, what would happen? Anyone want to organize it? In fact, something just popped up. There is a woman in New York City who is organizing freelancers, and having some success with it, if I recall. Maybe I'll search my favorites folders or check with google to find her and see if she would be interested in organizing us?

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Comment by T. R. Catanzarite on May 1, 2007 at 8:47am
Yes, John-----Good for you that you got your songs out. The world is getting smaller, but also broader. The elitists in the publishing industry will soon have to give way to a new paradigm. I was uptight about trying to get away from the "self-published" label, but a few members on BMN have told me that it's getting less and less important. At one time in my young life, I had the probability of getting in with the "big hats," but my life went in another direction, and I let it go. I do not regret it, but it's so damned difficult and time-consuming to get one's stuff "out there" on one's own. I'm sure you know it. But we're on the cusp of something in the publishing industry. In another generation, publishing will look much different than it does today, even more different than what goes on today resembles the tweed jacket and pipe-smoking era in publishing that perished in the 1950s-1960s. Hang in there.
Comment by John H. Turner Jr. on April 30, 2007 at 9:31pm
As a songwriter and author I do know that the big hats control every worthwhile move that is made, so, it's time do something. Now with the enternet it may be possible. In fact I have been able to get some of my songs on the radio via of enternet.. the world is getting smaller.

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