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Gregory V. Boulware

Who, on this planet, has found themselves getting into trouble more than our own iconic yet studious, Henry Bemis?
I can truthfully testify that I have, just like many of us who are avid and ferocious readers, the hunger and thirst that has gotten us into precarious situations at one time or another. You’ve forgotten the time, place, or the arduous task of tardiness in responsibilities due to engrossment in a particular book, encouraging the wrath of right now.
The written works of Herbert George Wells will undoubtedly take you away from where you are to the time and place unknown to you, except within a dream or the imagination. Albeit, the text utilized by the author is equally guilty.
I’m sure the suggested points have sparked a few memories of the time that you’ve forgotten about the pot on the stove, the bottle of refreshment left in the freezer, or that you were supposed to pick up someone from the train or bus station an hour ago, all because you got lost in a book.

Mr. Serling’s, (11.20.59) “Time Enough At Last,” has depicted the desire and attributes that many of us share with friend Bemis – except being persecuted by an unscrupulous chastising spouse (or significant other) who desecrates all of the reading material throughout the house; or that despicable and cantankerous old grouch of a supervisor or employer who ridicules and denigrates the idea of reading by insulting and/or embarrassing you with threats of dismissing you simply because you love to read. They make it a mortal crime because you and I desire nothing more than the sheer pleasure of sharing and discussing the book contents or something that you’ve read, with those who haven’t read it or do not read at all.
I would not wish to share the experience of enduring or surviving the explosion and destruction of a Hydrogen Bomb blast with all eradication of living things. However, I can or could enjoy the sheer rapture of possessing the entire contents of all the libraries of the world and being able to read to my heart’s content without being disturbed or villainized for being gifted with imagination and the pure joy of reading.
Imagine that. With all the time in the world, having at your fingertips, all the books you’ll ever need or want, without losing your reading glasses.
Just in case you do wear glasses, better make sure you have more than one pair.
Til next time…
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