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Are you a published author? Author Plaques for All Published Authors!

Have you had a book published? If yes, that means you have a book cover. How about having that book cover laminated on a wooden plaque with engraving options that say things like:
(Option 1)-Bestselling Author - 5,000+ Books Sold + your name
(Option 2)-Bestselling Author – 2,500+ Books Sold + your name
(Option 3)-Superb Bookselling – 1,000+ Books Sold+ your name
(Option 4)-Gold Book Status – 500+ Books Sold + your name
(Option 5)-Author Extrordinnaire-100+ Books Sold + your name
(Option 6)-Award Winning Author-(Insert the name of the award) + name

Wooden plaques coming in the following colors:

Wooden plaques come in the following sizes:
8*10, 10*13, 12*14, 16*20, 18 *24.

Why would you order a plaque with your book cover on it?
1) To be used and shown during your book signings.
2) Picture of your plaque to be placed on your website.
3) To give as Holiday gifts to authors or family members you know.
4) To be used and shown during your speaking engagements.
5) Use as part of your overall book marketing package.

Book Cover Plaques come with Free Lamination and can be delivered within 7-10 days after order is placed and payment is cleared.

Author Plaques coming November 5, 2009.
Stay tuned throughout the week as we will post more information up until the release date.

You will be able to order Book Cover Plaques on our Website Store coming November 5, 2009.

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