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Autopsy Room Four:Inspired By Frightening Truth But Delivered A Boring Narrative

Autopsy Room Four By Stephen King

Overall Rating: Inspired by frightening truth but delivered a boring narrative

Okay there is is not much to of a introduction here other than Autopsy is the first short story in Stephen King’s Everything’s Eventual.

The story starts with only sounds and descriptions from inside if a body bag being rolled through a hospital. He can not move or speak. And only pieces together what is happening through the sounds he hears. And the detailed description of man inside ea body bag, I have to say is one hell of opening. But it turn s out they open up the bag and he find that he is a autopsy room and they are preparing to cut him open. Through this the reader is contemplating is he alive? Is he dead? Is this what death is like for everyone? But he find that even though he can’t move, blink or anything else, he manages to make a noise that the doctors can’t hear over the radio. Which tells us as readers, he is not dead. And we are given two options as endings. He is either going to die on the operating table a they cut him open or some how he is going to be saved from this mess by someone else.

So let’s start off with the bad. Like I said there is a point toward the beginning of the story where eye realize there is nothing supernatural about this at all. This through out any idea of a twist ending, and you are limited to the two endings. I proposed about., It can’t be anything else. So it’s predictable. Another thing is, this story had no character. Yes the man on the table is Howard Cottrell, and some how this happened on golf course. But he might as well bee a alias for Bob the Builder or a alien from space. We don’t know anything about this character . And As I read this I was like why should I care? There was no reason to why I should care. He just didn’t seem real to me. If there’s no character, there’s no story. I felt it needed flashbacks. Some thing to reveal why he shouldn’t die or just something show what kind of like he wanted to return to so badly. But maybe I’m different than most people. I want more. Stephen King fans tend to praise stories like this, and I have yet to find out why. Yes, horrible things are happening here, but I can’t get into it unless I can relate to it. And to put things simply, it was boring.

So the good. Well, this something than can actually happen. This is a sort of terror where you go this could actually happen to me one day. Unlikely but could still happen, I’m not sure how close to the truth Stephen knows that he is on this one. H ends it’s a snake bit that caused it. But the toxin that can effect the body that way is a extract from a African blow fish. In Africa they use to poison people. They would appear dead paralyzed up to week. The heart beats so shallowly that it can’t be detected by doctors. Then once buried, days later, they would begin to get muscular strength and control back and dug them selves out of their graves. Hence the origin of the zombie legend. Because people believe that they were the walking dead, when they weren’t dead all. So it has a lot of truth in. More truth than most horror stories or novels ever have.

So overall, the story may be scary on the level that this could happen to anybody because it exist, unlike stories that have this things that go bump in the night. But beyond that the story seems to have no heart and no character. I just couldn’t get into it. It really bore to me. It can only recommend this to die hard Stephen King fans, but even they might not like it as much as his other stuff. And maybe I’ll recommend this to any one who plans to rip off a witch doctor or voodoo priest as a warning, “Don’t!” They believe in this toxin! Other than that I can’t give much credit to it.

1 ½ smoothie out of four.

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