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Award Winning Author M. R. Mathias is Proud to Announce the July 4th Release of The Wizard and the Warlord – The Wardstone Trilogy Book III

Award winning author, M. R. Mathias is proud to announce the July 4th release of The Wizard and the Warlord – The Wardstone Trilogy Book III.

To celebrate the conclusion of this mammoth epic trilogy he is offering book one, The Sword and the Dragon for just $1.88. This huge novel has been in the Top 100 of the Amazon Kindle Fantasy/Mythology Bestselling lists in the US and UK for 23 straight months. Get direct links to Amazon, B&N, Sony, & iStore here:

If you’re one of the many thousands who has already read book one, a huge preview of book two, Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools, is available here: and a 5 chapter preview of Book III is available for onscreen reading at Goodreads here:

This entire trilogy was written on notebook paper in a Texas prison cell with several hundred ink pens. It is a testament to one man’s desire to rehabilitate and stay clean. It is also a surprisingly fantastic piece of epic fantasy fiction…at least that is what the reviewers are saying.

M. R. Mathias says this: “The Wardstone Trilogy is every fantasy novel I have ever read all rolled up into one huge epic… Every word, on every page was a moment of freedom I created for myself. That is why these books have been released on the 4th of July the last three years. It’s all about Independence, freedom, and the idea that someone who has been through what I have, can still find a way out of the statistically impossible madness that is the drug/prison lifestyle.” You can follow M. R. Mathias @DahgMahn on twitter

What others are saying about The Wardstone Trilogy:

Overall The Sword and the Dragon (A+) is an impressive debut - a traditional fantasy that manages to be fresh. It succeeds in offering a complete reading experience. See the full review here: --Fantasy Book Critic

Fans of Tolkien and CS Lewis will find much to enjoy … a big book, with a steady flow throughout. Read this book. Take up your sword and get ready for a hugely enjoyable adventure. --Book Smart UK

I found myself going "wow" more than once reading the first two books of this trilogy. Each book tells a great complete adventure. -- E. J. Weatherby Anchorage Review

This is an epic fantasy, and I do mean epic. This book is LONG. I'm talking 200,000 plus words, here. Probably three times as long as Harry Potter. A fat fantasy, the kind you would expect from a Jordan or Tad Williams. One should not be put off by the price, because you do get your money's worth. -- Bestselling Author, B. V. Larson

"You've (Mathias) already achieved much, much more than so many people who like to think of themselves as writers." -- @Gollancz The Deputy Publishing Director of SF, Fantasy & Horror list of the Orion Publishing Group.

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