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Buddy & Bunny, a story about friendship

I have declared today to be an unofficial holiday, MAGIC WAND DAY.


While no one has recognized the importance of making a Magic Wand Day official, I am declaring today to be the un-official Magic Wand Day!  In celebration of this momentous occasion, I have made a coupon code for my on line Etsy store available to everyone.  Use the code MW5252011 and receive 5% off all purchases, including my Magic Wands.


I also want to take this moment to announce another product at my on line store and the newest book I have written, "Buddy & Bunny" a story of friendship.  Those who have seen this book feel it is a timeless classic and a genuinely feel good story.  Take a moment to see a preview of the story at my on line store, where you can also purchase your own copy.  Here is a link to my story, "Buddy & Bunny"

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