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Need help with some short paragraphs? Advertising? Marketing?

I recently posted a video on YouTube on how for only $5 you can fix 150 words you have written by hiring me to make these words turn into pearls of prose.  Check out my vid: Here is the link

I have been working in the Creative Design field for over 35 years making people and packages look great for sales presentations, marketing campaigns and in advertising.  Now I am offering this simple skill, which is fixing a 150 words of your writing, for only $5.  I have it posted as a Gig® on and believe I can make anyone who has tried to write the perfect prose, but really are stuck on how to do it, easy for them to fix.

Check out my web site, if you need some of my other special skills, painting, portraiture, brochures, sales and marketing materials, etc., because I think it is important to put your best foot forward with every step of the way!

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