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Do You Know This Author? You Know, The Ones On Your Bookshelf!

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Do You Know This Author? You know…the authors on the bookshelf in your library. Do you know them? Have you had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them? Do they know your kids? Do your kids know them? What about your Mom and Dad? Do they know the authors collected in your library and/or on your desk?




The good news is…YOU KNOW ME! You have shaken my hand, enjoyed my articles and commentaries! You’ve laughed and cried with ME, and I with YOU!

Oh yes, I’m the “Independent Grass-Roots author” attending to lifestyles, needs, problems, concerns… education, and desires of “Grass-Root People!”

If there is any book that cries out to be included within the book groupings of your collection“The Books of Boulware” are the ones!


"Anthology of an Essayist" – Volume One is published to aid the PC novice, Computer Science Student, Business Administration Student, and Any One who is interested in learning what it takes to succeed in the World of Information Technology and Business Intelligence.

“Anthology of An Essayist” – Volume II: Total Comprehensive Compositions

The American populace is suffering in the worst financial crisis since the “Great Depression.”  How does this affect ‘People of Color?’ How does this affect your family? What does ‘The Emancipation Proclamation’ hold for the future of YOU and YOUR FAMILY? “The solution(s) can be accessed through information found between the pages of this book!
 It’s simply amazing how someone or some entity is constantly trying to sell you and me something. 
 This contribution is worth the while... A must have edition to your library. A timeless tool for the young and not so young - Man, Woman, and Computer!

"The Spirit of the Soul and the Death of Morals" reminds us of who it is that is actually in charge of our existence. Man is not the master of his world or the much as he may think so. Spirit is an uplifting cluster of short passages and spiritual messages that are designed to restore the faith and truth to what religion is all about. If you are a believer in GOD and not MAMMON, then THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

"Hallow" contains short and half-novel lengths stories of the occult, science fiction, English lit, and the macabre... "Demon's Throat" is a thriller that will take you to the edge of your seat with a twist that only a woman could love - maybe a man or two as well. This story has never before been seen or released anywhere else...

Order your copies directly through Mr. Boulware or online at ‘Amazon’… Don’t delay – Technology changes constantly and drastically…this ground floor opportunity to acquire the data needed to succeed in the world of Technology and Business. Haven’t you heard? The Great Recession is finally over! Oh yeah, if you believe that, I’ll tell you another.

In a world full of hatred, child molestation, Cloak and dagger churches – corrupted priests, vile politicians, conniving entrapping marketeers, all out murder, thievery, indecency, and blatant contempt for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; mankind has lost sight of goodness and the commandments of GOD and the simple love of his Sister and Brethren…From Whence Comest Thou?





All that is required is your email IP and mailing address to receive your DISCOUNTED edition!


Should you need to know more information about this author and/or his books, please contact Mr. Gregory V. Boulware directly or via any of the posted and published online articles or the contact points listed above.


~Search: Gregory V. Boulware via IE, Bing, or Google…~


Thank You and Happy Reading!


Peace and Love,




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