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Get Set to Set Your Foot at the Frankfurt Book Fair this October

If you attended the Frankfurt International book fair last year, you already know how interesting it was. It’s no doubt that such events pull attendees in large numbers. If you missed the chance to attend the event last year, grab it this October. The highlights of last year were important issues like children’s books and future trends in publishing.


The Frankfurt book fair is getting grander every year with addition of new players. Referring to it as the big bang moment of the publishing industry, the director of the Frankfurt Book Fair envisions changes in the publishing industry soon. New business models are expected to be created soon in order to adapt to the changing needs of the book publishing industry. If you wish to participate in similar interesting conversations this year, then attending the event is a great way to do so.


This is the world’s largest trade show, and as per sources, more than 7,300 exhibitors, 299,000 visitors, and more than 10,000 journalists grace this exciting event every year. Participants flood the Frankfurt book fair from more than 100 countries.


This year, the focus is again on books for children and young adults. So, bring along your children and teenagers to the Frankfurt international book fair. With a large chunk of publishers gracing the event, you have a good chance to strike few deals if you are an author or a literary agent.


There will be lots and lots of book stands for you to pick your favs. Literature, fiction, non-fiction, audio books, photography, and films – a lot happens at a book fair apart from books. Don’t be passive out here; browse through books, chat with people even strangers (you don’t know what may work to your advantage), ask for autographs of famous authors, promote yourself if you are an author, gather a lot of information, and try to grab deals to get your work done. And most importantly, enjoy!

frankfurt international book fair

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