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Things to Consider While Self-Publishing Your Novel

As a newbie author, you have no option but to self-publish unless you have reliable connections with publishers. “How to self publish” is the general wondering when an author nears the completion of his novel. There are different ways to do it – finding a printer, self-publishing as an eBook, by a Print on Demand (POD) or by a Vanity Press or Subsidy Publishing. There is a plethora of self-publishing companies and their…


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Self publishing foresees a bright future in the publishing world

The printing industry is experiencing several changes in recent times. One of the largest advents of the modern publishing world is the popularity and increasing significance of self publishing. A few years back, the publishing industry was dominated by traditional publishing companies that did not allow complete freedom and scope for creativity to all authors. The boom of the digital era has changed the book publishing industry. Self publishing a book has become the new…


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Do Not Miss the Golden Opportunity to Launch your Book in Global Book Fair

Are you a writer who is aspiring to earn recognition for your thoughts and ideas by developing a book? As a matter of fact, any author nurtures a dream to make his book popular among the masses and earn great recognition, throughout the world. To achieve this you need to promote your book on right platforms from where the people can get their hands on your book out of curiosity in order to know the contents of the book. Book exhibitions are regarded as ideal platforms for book promotion and…


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Get Set to Set Your Foot at the Frankfurt Book Fair this October

If you attended the Frankfurt International book fair last year, you already know how interesting it was. It’s no doubt that such events pull attendees in large numbers. If you missed the chance to attend the event last year, grab it this October. The highlights of last year were important issues like children’s books and future trends in publishing.


The Frankfurt book fair is getting grander every year with addition of new players. Referring to it as the big bang moment of…


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Steps To Publish and Promote Your Book

Have you developed a book with your innovative writings and are seeking for publishing and promoting it in an effective way? If yes, then you need to plan several things and have good knowledge of publishing and renowned publishers for an enhanced promotion of your book. Some of the crucial aspects necessary for explicit publishing and promotion of book are mentioned below.

Get strategic with your network and research for more: Activate your personal network and prepare…


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Five Smart Book Publishing Tips

Are you a budding writer and wish to write and publish your own book? Once the book is written, it is essential to get it published for the readers to know the existence of your book.  By following some essential techniques you can effectively write and publish your book, throughout the world. Five important steps of publishing the book that will help you to get recognized are mentioned below :-

  1. Finalize a captivating topic for bright publishing: Do not make use of…

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5 Exclusive Benefits of Self Publishing a Book

Have you written a book and don’t have adequate funds to publish it? No worries, you can self-publish your book in the modern world and can get it recognized worldwide. Self publishing has plenty of benefits over publishing the book through a publisher. By self publishing your book, you can enjoy several benefits as mentioned below.

  1. Greater Royalty Charges: Generally, you receive 15% to 20% of total revenue as royalty, when you publish your book through the…

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Super Tips for Self-published Book Promotion

Did you double up as a publisher of your own book? That’s a smart move that can help you save a lot of money.  You have already published your book in the form of printed books and EBooks.  But, merely doing that won’t get you visibility and popularity especially if you are a novice.

In order to get the max sales for your book, promote it well through various means and modes.  A well-promoted book is well known and read by many.…


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Have Your Book Reach the Shelves Effortlessly with Smart Publishing Methods

Worries about book publishing start flooding an author’s mind once he is done with giving the final touches to his book in the form of editing and fool proofing. But, if you want the publishing part to be as smooth as a feather like the way you penned down your book with ease, follow these few simple steps:

Easy Tips on Book Publishing -

  1. Self-publishing: If you want to avoid all the hassles of contacting book agents, publishers, and other concerned…

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Online Book Publishing Tips for the Newbie

As a newbie to the publication industry, you have to accept the fact that initially there will be a lot of hurdles to overcome. You definitely want to avoid them by not wasting your time or anyone else’s time. Online book publishing has its fair share of ups and lows most of which are dependent on the content of your book. This is the reason why it is vital that you know whatever happens is a learning curve and doors of success are…


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Are Book Distributors Giving Way due to the Advent of Self-publishing?

There are many steps and various parties involved when you want your book to reach the marketplace. These parties are book agents, book distributors, publishers, wholesalers, and retailers and others who help you with various formal and informal aspects of book marketing.

Book distributors act as the connecting link between publishers and retailers. Retailers could be libraries, bookstores, or any other outlet that sells directly to the public (consumers). You may ponder whether book…


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The 2 Biggest Reasons to Self Publish Your Novel —From a Writer's Perspective

As a both a full time and a just-for-a-hobby writer, I find the entire of concept of self publishing most intriguing. I wouldn't say I'm the kind of writer that can stay committed to writing a novel for a year or more. I'm the type that's quite happy churning out several blogs and magazine content every day, while adding precious paragraphs to a novel I've been trying to write for a year whenever I feel the…


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Haven’t You Gone the Ebook Way Yet?

Which book did you read lately? ‘Is it a paperback or a hardback?,’ is the question you usually ask. But, this trend is outdated. Most people prefer reading an ebook nowadays.

Though the era of actual books hasn’t died out completely and will never do so, ebooks have gained much prominence in people’s lives today. Ebooks are electronic (usually word or PDF) versions of actual paper books. The content is the same. The look is the same, but the feel is different. You don’t have to turn…


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Get Noticed as an Author; Choose the Best Book Marketing Tactic

Book fairs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. International book fairs are no lesser affairs than a star-studded Hollywood celebrity event. Books are certainly a loved possession of the intellectuals.

Though with quick advancement in technology, people are now getting more and more hooked to gadgets, never think that the craze of books has died out. Never think of books as a secondary interest of people nowadays. It’s just that people’s interest in the type of books have…


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Literary Agent Search Made Easy With Online Directories!

Literary agents have a substantial role to play in the book industry. You won’t find a book agent idle-either he would be searching for an author or a publisher.  They need to have a handy list of both parties so that they can play their role in helping the book to get published finally. If you are a new author and a rather depressed one thinking that you have no takers for your new venture, don’t worry. There are plenty of…


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Your Book Must Get through Publishers to be Popular

It is not an easy job to find book publisher for your new creation. Once you find one, convincing him to publish your book is even more tasking. Book and magazine publishers spend a lot of their time buying a book copy. You may get your book published through stringers to save all these hassles. You may visit online in order to accelerate your publisher search.

Book publishers comprise one-sixth of the total…


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Literary Agents are Indispensable in a Tough Book Industry

The distance between writing a book and getting it read by someone is huge. There are a number of intermediaries, each posing a hurdle that needs to be crossed with tact and skill to finally get your name listed in the authors of the world.  Apart from producing quality content, you need to have an extended network of quality people, which includes book publishers, literary agents, distributors, theatrical producers, and film producers.…


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Are You a Diabetic? Don’t Worry; Relish Meals with Your Family

Diabetes is currently the most common metabolic disease that is haunting human population and is ever increasing in numbers. Every year, a large number of people are added to the list of diabetics. Experts attribute this to poor eating habits and bad lifestyle. Though type 1 diabetes is a genetic disease, type 2 diabetes is a result of our poor food choices and inactive lifestyle.

Junk food is what is on our minds and platter nowadays. Even our choice of juices is very unhealthy. We…


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Looking Forward to Represent an Author of the Next Bestseller

Are you an agent who is searching for an author who has just finished a book and has an eye-catching title? Are you a publisher who wishes to publish the next bestseller from his patron author?

If you are suffering from dearth of good book authors whose books you can publish, do not worry. You may not realize it, but the number of new authors added every year is enormous.

You may wonder whether you can risk publishing a book of an author who is completely new to book-writing or…


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Tips to Market Your Genius Literary Creation

Marketing a book takes pain, in spite of it being a superb piece delivered by a genius mind.  You need to be adroit in marketing your books through the right channels to the right market. A book that is qualitative yet obscure will not get you any bucks for your hard work.  Make sure you do all possible things to get your book some popularity.  Convincing a publisher to publish your creation isn’t easy. Book promotion may seem difficult if you are a first timer. It may drive you crazy…


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