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Well, 'Abernethy' was successfully launched last Friday night. It was a good night, although it went a tad too quickly for my liking. I was stressed to the nth power in the week leading up to it because my husband suffered a fall with a sub-arachnoid bleed, most likely trauma from the fall. He's doing well, now. Oddly, just prior to the launch of my first novel, 'Calumny while reading Irvine Welsh' last year, he had a small heart attack(and he had only just turned 43 at the time, and he is not a big man)! I've asked him when I launch my next novel, could he please just manage a case of raging haemorrhoids. Got the 'tour' starting tomorrow, with book stores appearances at two stores, and two other stores over the next few weekends, and a talk to Year 12 students through the week about characters and literary themes. You know, I NEVER think about themes when I write; it's my theory that they manifest themselves as the story unfolds. All I think about is keeping the reader interested.

I have also had a chest infection, which is pretty much gone but there has been a lot of residual coughing and my throat is now sore, compounded by the fact that I have to yell at my children all the time.

Still got that speech to do for the Year 12s; that's Sunday's chore, I suppose. Hey, has anyone read 'My Antonia'? I'm reading that for book club, and am rather enjoying it.

I'm just going to check my 6 year old, who's lying on the lounge. I promised him he could lie there and watch the Indiana Jones movie. If he's asleep, I'm going to turn the channel to 'Life on Mars' (British version, not the pale American version). I have the biggest crush on the British Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt. I'm also a glam rock tragic, so the soundtrack rules like a frickin' tyrant!

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