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Jeanette Michelle finally releases Third novel You Cant Save Them All

For immediate release - Jeanette Michelle finally releases third fiction novel after three months of waiting for the final editing stage. This novel precedes her fourth novel Millicent Quinones, which is actually the prequel to Mycall book two.

It’s been over a year since Jeanette Michelle’s last release, Taking Care of Henry, which is a written non-fiction documentary dealing with family members who encounters a love one with Alzheimer’s stricken by a stroke. Millicent Quinones were said to be her 3rd novel, but You Can’t Save Them All took its place.
Jeanette has a passion for writing fiction novels and if you enjoyed Mycall, you will definitely enjoy You Can’t Save Them All. The story is centered on an Attorney out of Chicago where a paralegal, Lisa decides to go searching for the perfect case for her colleague Ethel to take in order to obtain fame and recognition. Lisa stumbles across the perfect case, which is in a town her colleague despises. If you’re into drama and suspense, you will enjoy You Can’t Save Them All.

“This story was actually written over 12 years ago,” says Jeanette Michelle. “I was very unsure in releasing this novel at this time. After months of editing and coming close to the holiday I was in the process in reneging on its release. My followers kept asking about my next novel so…here it is. I hope they are as pleased with this novel as they were with Mycall.

For more information on where to purchase You Can’t Save Them All, you may call 877-418-8760 or go to and click on New Releases or you may go to

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