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Launching a book; God bless her and all who read her!

Oh the joys of organising a book launch. It's not as difficult or politically fraught as organising a wedding, say, but it's not without hassles. I'm in the process of organsing the launch of my second novel, and I'm liaising with my local libraries, and the art gallery. The library is being refurbished, so that's out as a venue. However, they are interested in helping me, and have approached the local art gallery. All good. But then I found out tht the curator's assistant has pencilled in the date we have in mind for the afternoon! Hello? It's an evening affair. She thought because it's young adult, then school groups would want to attend. Great, but it's their parents who will be springing for the damn book and I'm serving alcohol to grease wheels, let's just say. Bah!

At some tomorrow I'm hoping to design my launch invitations. I have to drive my kids an hour to stay with my mother-in-law because I'm working on Thurs and Fri (it's school holidays here in New South Wales). I'll just have to make the time. One of the nights when they're away, my husband and I are having 'date night' (stop putting your fingers in your ears, squeezing your eyes shut and chanting, 'La-la-la...'), so that will take me away from the computer, too.

Well, I've got a DVD I want to watch, but because it's school hols, we've promised my 9 year old and his friend from up the road they can stay up a little later. It's called "Indie Sex' and deals with various aspects of sexuality in the history of cinema. Fascinating so far, but not one I'm going to allow two 9 year olds to view. I don't believe in censorship per se, but one must be sensible.

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