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Literary Agents are Indispensable in a Tough Book Industry

The distance between writing a book and getting it read by someone is huge. There are a number of intermediaries, each posing a hurdle that needs to be crossed with tact and skill to finally get your name listed in the authors of the world.  Apart from producing quality content, you need to have an extended network of quality people, which includes book publishers, literary agents, distributors, theatrical producers, and film producers.

What is the role of a literary agent?  He is the middleman between the author and the publisher. He is involved in connecting the work of author with the right publishers. Both the author and the publisher get benefited out of literary agents. They also help in contract negotiation, payment of royalties, and mediating issues between the author and the publisher.  To find literary agent who has a good amount of knowledge about the book publishing market and is an expert on modern publishing contracts and practices related to television, film, or foreign rights is a challenge.

If you are a self-publisher of your book, you still need to hire a literary agency as you may not be aware of the current market situation in the book industry. Literary agencies are variable in size, and they may range from a single literary agent to a firm compromising of senior partners, specialists and clients. 

Just as there are specialized authors who keep their domain confined by writing only for one particular theme or group of themes, there are literary agents meant for the same purpose. Small literacy agency firms specialize in areas like children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, romance, and thrillers. Literary agencies need not be a member of AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives). But, you can always prefer these agents over others as they boast of a minimum capability to sell a few books and have vowed to stick to the Canon of Ethics.

One advantage of having someone mediate the communication between the author and the publisher is that differences are handled and sorted out professionally. An author does not spoil his relationship with the publisher or other party in case of late payments or other conflicts. The literary agent will take the onus of getting his hands dirty in any adverse situation. A literary agent is a smart commercial person who knows how to get your book on the stands while a book publishing agent may not always be able to do.

Finding a literary agent who is reliable and capable is not easy. To make your literary agent search quick and easy, you may browse through a relevant service provider directory.

You can find the whereabouts of any publishing agency in any part of the world on Pubmatch website. Whether your book is a light-hearted compilation of comic stories or a serious thought-provoking novel on political or social issues, you are most likely to find the literacy agency of your choice here. This platform will surely make your literary agent search a ton times easier.

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