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Man’s Search For Meaning: An Intriguing Look Into The Mind Of A Holocaust Survivor

Man’s Search For Meaning By Viktor E Frankl

Overall Rating: An Intriguing Look Into The Mind Of A Holocaust Survivor

This is another odd smoothie review. This one is a called Man’s Search For Meaning By Viktor E Frankl. It was a required reading for a college class. So since I read it, why not write a review.

First off, Man’s Search For Morning is not a text book. It’s not a memoir. It’s no a self help book. But it’s very much a combination of all three of these. It starts out with the recollection of the author’s survival as he was a jewfish member in a Nazi death camp during the Holocaust, and how his mind and other prisoners. And then it goes further into the detail about observations and conclusions after the recount. And it really is about the psychological impacts that such a event could have on some one. So you’re probably wondering, is it any good? Well I’ll tell you.

The good? This is actually good We hear so much about the holocaust , but we hardly ever hear about it first hand in a book like this. And this really is a step into the mind of the holocaust survivor. I mean it is as so intriguing to see things through the eyes and mind of a person in a position like this. Afterward, he carries his notes form the recount over to further studies and turns into what I call the “Self Help” section. And there are surprising concepts such as the vacuum existence. Where someone who may have free time and nothing else to do suffers from this feeling or being meaningless and sinking them into depression. And 62% of the U.S. suffer from this! That’s just crazy. And there’s a ton of other crazy facts, that will just hold your interest. Also it’s filled with self help methods he used and the after math of the mental condition of Jewish survivors.

The bad? This is all about psychology effects of the holocaust. It is not a recount that goes into detail about the beatings and torture. There is just a taste of the world and there to remind the reader how terrible it was. But it’s not about the Holocaust, but the effect it has on a person’s mind. Also the second half does indeed have a lot of good info, but may prove to be bore to most readers. Because in the second half it is no longer telling about the Holocaust, but more about psychology it self. So unless you have interest in the human mind, it might be a bore.

Overall it’s a good read is worth while. Though I can’t recommend it to everyone. After all it is about psychology and the human mind, and if you like that sort of stuff then you know who you are. Check it out. If you were uninterested in every word I just mentioned, then it’s pass. But this is overall better than I expected.

Three smoothies out of 4

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