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W. David MacKenzie, age 40, resides in Edmonds, WA where he finds writing is only one outlet for his many creative talents. His latest business endeavor is Clever Mojo Games, a board game design and publishing company. CMG is already finding success through its popular Alien Frontiers board game and David hopes that the upcoming Princes of the Dragon Throne card game will also be a hit.

David began writing in high school and this book of short stories has been written through the years since. In 1992, artist and author, James Gurney, published Dinotopia:
A Land Apart From Time. The beautiful artwork and the lost culture described in its pages captured David's heart and mind and inspired him to seek Mr. Gurney's permission to launch a Dinotopia Fan Club where members would create characters and tell stories set in his marvelous world. Mr. Gurney gave the club his blessing and David, via the DFC, put out almost two year's worth of quarterly fanzine issues with great stories and sketches from others who fell in love with the land of Dinotopia.


Author Susan W. Smith (The Mystery of Seymour Lake Lodge) says -

"W. David MacKenzie will spin your head around and send shivers down your spine with his unique and sometimes chilling tales. Each one, whether prose or poetry begins by drawing you into the adventure and leading you down a path of mystery such that there is no way you will be distracted from reaching the end of the story. Once he has you in his labyrinth, MacKenzie will torment you into making wrong turns in your mind, but you are trapped until the footpath reaches the unexpected clearing."


Author Maureen Landress (The Wisdom of Bumblefoot, Sour Grapes, One Bad Apple and Mango Madness) says -

"Exemplary stories crafted with both an edgy darkness and a sly sense of humor. I found myself thinking “oh how wicked” and eagerly turning the page. This is a don’t miss collection from a very talented writer."


And me?  I'm David's mother so I have a right to brag!


"Mystery, fantasy, adventure, and whimsical humor can all be found within the pages of Swamp Mist. Sit down, relax, and enjoy your encounters with characters such as these: a mythical Skunk Ape, an innovative detective doling out justice in his own unique way, a dream stealer, an Aztec would-be priest who learns to seize the moment, a baker who doesn't know when to quit, and others. David's story lines will keep you guessing and turning the pages for more!"


Swamp Mist is available at Create Space,, and

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