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Once again the public is rallying for what I call a false noble cause. And once again the public was prompted to do so because of the sweet pungent sickening smell of death. How noble and honorable and concerned you all are once the band wagon starts to roll. How conveniently blind you are when you see abuse and not report it such as the case of this dear child Shaniya Davis, and how deaf you all have been to the cries that you choose not to hear.

One friend of the fathers stated that there were cigarette burns on the body of the child, yet they did not report it to CPS or the police. I call it depraved indifference. The father said that he wanted to give his drugged out pregnant exgirlfriend a chance to be a good mother. Well, I call that wreak less endangerment of a child. They sang "His eye is on the Sparrow" as they cried for a raped and murdered little girl and made the most stupid statements saying, She is in a better place now, and will never again feel any pain." I say, hell, why not just kill all of those poor suffering abused children and send them to a better place where they will feel no more pain. And still, along with Ms. Winfrey, You make false pretense of emotions and concerns, after the fact.

What serpents and vipers and hypocrites you all are. Shaniya Davis is dead and you burn scented candles in her honor and do not realize that she cannot smell them, her nose is packed with Cotton by the embalmer. The stench of her rotting, purifying little decomposing body cannot feel the softness of those teddy bears that you have left for her to play with. She is cold and hard, the Medical examiner has gutted her like a slaughtered pig and the stench of her will linger in your nostrils only for as long as the media carries the story.

What about Diane, Debbie, John and Joseph and Daisy? They were raped, sodomized and murdered and left to rot in unmarked graves. Yes, they too died yesterday, today and tomorrow. And, alas, you will be once again be handicapped by your self inflicted blindness and once again tune out the cries of the abused little babies though the sound roars like the thunder. The roaring heartbreaking sound being being drowned out by your total lack of concern and the selfishness that leaves you deaf and dumb to the harsh reality of abuse right next door to where you live and right there in your own families. You are all GUILTY of DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE. And you do nothing but sing Psalms and light candles. Only when it is convenient. Sleep well! I can't. I have been there and lived it. And you abuse me anew.
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