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The Lightening Thief By Rick Riordan

Overall Rating: Some call it the next Harry Potter. I think they might be right.

Well it seems like when one thing gets popular, there ad to be a bunch of other authors who like to rip off the material and just write something like to to make money for their selves. Like Twilight, after that book, we have at least fifty teen vampire romances within the next year. Pirates of The Caribbean brought to life a bunch of piracy novels. Then Harry Potter. There are so many stories about kid wizards on the market now like Septimus Heap. But one is kind of a rip off, yet some how they turned it into it’s own thing. This book is called the lightening thief.

The Lightening Thief is written by Rick Riordan and is Book One of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The book is about a trouble maker name Percy Jackson, who one day finds that his math teacher is a monster and she sties to kill him. Not only that, there are other Greek mythology monsters after him as well and he ad mother make a run for it. But when a monster attacks, Percy looses his mom and ends up at a summer camp called Camp Half Blood. Yes. Summer Camp. At this camp he finds that it is a haven for children of gods, demi gods or half bloods, so they won’t be attack by these creatures. He gods such as Hera, Athena and Ares still exist and continue to have children with humans. But the tree most powerful gods, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus made a oath to never have children because they end up being too powerful and causing chaos. The last child of Zeus was killed just for excising.
But Percy finds that he’s the son of Poseidon and can control water. Zeus is in rage about this as well as Hades. Not only that Percy has been framed for stealing Zeus’s most treasured lightening bolt. So in order to clear his name and the right to exist, he and his new friends, Annabeth and faun Grover go on a quest to retrieve it.
So the story is strong. It has it’s own mythology. That is great. It introduces three new young character that will most likely be remembered in some time to come. And action. A lot of these young adult “Harry Potter” like novels don’t have this. Percy runs into so many monsters on his quest and so much happens. It’s really exciting.
But Here’s the one thing that bug me about this book. It was truly like the author said, ‘I want to write Harry Potter with Greek monsters.” But some of it was too much like Harry Potter. It was original until Percy reached Hogwar………… wait ….. Camp Half Blood. A magical camp for demigods. I mean every time they brought it up, thought I was reading Harry Potter again. It as way too close. And summer camp? That really struck as random, but I got passed it. Though Percy is his own character, Annabeth seems to really mirror Hermoine and Grover, the goofy friend, mirrors Ron. There would be a moment there that would just strike the reader as a Harry Potter moment.
The book though is a great read. The series has been helmed by a few as the next Harry Potter. I agree wit. I absolutely love this book. Even though I felt they stole a little too much from Harry Potter. I also did like it more that I did Harry Potter in general. So I recommend every to read it.

Four smoothies out of four

P.S. Movies coming out in 2010. I’m actually wanting to see it after reading this.

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