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Things to Consider While Self-Publishing Your Novel

As a newbie author, you have no option but to self-publish unless you have reliable connections with publishers. “How to self publish” is the general wondering when an author nears the completion of his novel. There are different ways to do it – finding a printer, self-publishing as an eBook, by a Print on Demand (POD) or by a Vanity Press or Subsidy Publishing. There is a plethora of self-publishing companies and their directory can be found online, out of which some may be startups, whereas others are experienced publishers.

The prime intention of an author is to get his word across the audience which is where the intriguing and alluring concept of self-publishing comes in. As a general sense, this medium of publishing means that you, the author, take care of all requirements that a publication house would. The publication industry is generally categorized in three parts namely, actually writing the book, getting it printed and selling it. The title, cover page and logo are all to be decided by you.

Upon creating the book, you need to find a platform that is flocked by the audience day in and day out and actually answers your how to self publish query; Amazon is not a bad place to start. Beginners often do not focus on money, but getting the audience to like their work is their main focus. But this does not mean that you create thousands of copies which may take years to sell. Besides, you need to think whether you want your novel to be an eBook, a paperback or a hardback copy.

You must also keep a track of the size of the book as the volume matters. The more the volume, the higher will be the price charged by printers. If you are not willing to proofread or edit your novel yourself, then you can look for reinforcements like a copy-editor, an illustrator or even a photo researcher. The combination of their work will result you in having the book that you want to sell to the audience.

The hours you spend writing your book and brainstorming with colleagues brings you a successful result in the form of self-publishing.

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