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Tips to Market Your Genius Literary Creation

Marketing a book takes pain, in spite of it being a superb piece delivered by a genius mind.  You need to be adroit in marketing your books through the right channels to the right market. A book that is qualitative yet obscure will not get you any bucks for your hard work.  Make sure you do all possible things to get your book some popularity.  Convincing a publisher to publish your creation isn’t easy. Book promotion may seem difficult if you are a first timer. It may drive you crazy getting your book on the shelves.

  1. There are plenty of ways that you can employ to get your book into the limelight. Book Fairs are a popular method of book marketing employed by most authors.  Students often throng these events in huge numbers.  Students form a very large percentage of readers of any type of new book. The curiosity factor is alive and kicking in these young minds and so it is easier to influence them. Once your book and your style of writing are well accepted by them, you ensure a list of loyal readers at least for a few years.  Though it is preferable, it is not always possible for an author to be personally present at a book fair to promote his book due to the cost and travel constraints. International travelling is difficult, expensive and not always feasible.
  2. Having a celebrity or a popular name in the book industry promote your book is surely going to give a kick-start to your book and to you as an author. Marketing is all about message. Your brand is important, and your content must be unique and engaging enough for your brand to stand out.  Make a thorough search of the book industry and market before plunging into it.
  3. Some markets are lucrative, and you will make better money there. The same goes for audiences. Some are more likely to show interest, buy a copy of the book, and promote the same.  Learn about your target groups. Though it takes time and an experienced, expert eye, it is worth the homework. Work it all out thoroughly. Take the help of those who’ve already been in the industry for some time and knows it well. Often, you write what you love to read. This helps you put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Feel their nerve and target your book accordingly.
  4. Don’t be passive. Don’t hesitate to drag your conversation on to a somewhat personalised track. Talk to your readers to know what pulls them toward your book. Talk about the genre of your book and how you wish to improve it. You can even talk about yourself as an author. Literary events where authors discuss few excerpts from their book are a good way to get people interested actively.
  5. is an amazing platform to publish your book globally. It strengthens your own knowledge and lets you share your work with the global audience. It allows you to be on par with other authors. Online social networks Facebook and Twitter are good methods of viral book marketing. However, you need to be quite popular yourself and if you are not being followed by hundreds and thousands of people, your profile needs an overhaul.
  6. A book festival is a fantastic way to introduce your book to a broader audience base. You get to meet other authors with similar interests. You are also exposed to other genres of writing, and you may try your literary genius there.
  7. In this highly competitive book industry where new authors are added every year, survival becomes difficult. At times, you may get no avenues of publishing your book. Book shows may refuse to promote your rather unpopular title. Selling your book to libraries is a wise decision at such times. Libraries accept books of all kinds without any discrimination.

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