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Whaddya gotta do to publicise a book these days?

Because I'm not yet the rich and famous writer I want to be, I have to do some paid work outside the home.  That paid work, dear blog browser, is as a community carer.  Anyway, I thought one of my clients (an 87 year old woman to whom I give social support) might be interested to see my books.  She's an amazing lady - well spoken, all her faculties etc.  Anyway, she said she would be very interested in reading 'Abernethy', so I will order it from the publishers on Monday for her (she won't be able to get to a book store and buy it, really).  So I made a sale - yahoo.  Now if only I could make enough sales to pay off my house.  (I'm such a dreamer).  I hope she enjoys the book.  Like I said, she's good value, but oh man - she smokes like a hyperactive chimney.  I am an ardent non-smoker, and I finish doing her support with blocked sinuses.  And I somehow doubt that, at 87, this woman is going to kick the habit!


I explained to her the publishers are up in Queensland, but I can order the book from them.  So too can you lot (that thud you heard was the hint I just dropped).  The publishers are Zeus Publications, and their site is  My books are 'Abernethy', and 'Calumny while reading Irvine Welsh'.  Go to their website and read the blurb and first chapters of each.


I've spent two hours writing tonight - I feel so virtuous.  Now I'm going to climb into bed and read some nice light chick lit.  It's less taxing on the brain than trying to think of other ways to promote my book.  Hijacking a billboard might be one way.  Or else streaking at a public sporting event with a copy of the book held tightly against my groin might be another.

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Comment by John Kremer on April 16, 2011 at 2:09pm
Streaking is always fun, although I prefer the midnight hour under a full moon howl.

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