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What does a publicist do? What's does a PR Coach do? And what is Pay Per Placement?

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What are Public Relations Retainers, PR Coaching

& Pay-Per-Placement Programs

“Never be concerned about the price until you know the value.”

Pam Perry

I am always surprised by what people think public relations services cost. When I ask them what are their goals, they’ll say to sell 10,000
copies. When I ask, “what’s your budget?” they’ll say “I really
don’t have one – but maybe $500 to $1,000.

For a campaign that sells 10,000? I don’t think so. If you could publish a book and spend $500 and sell $10,000 copies – you’re a miracle worker.

The fact is that you have to invest in your marketing (advertising AND public

The PR Coaching Model

Now, as a PR coach, I help people save money by showing them how to do it themselves. I lay out a strategy for them, critique their timeline and plans – and give them the resources and contacts to make it happen.

Things I do for clients as their coach:

  • Evaluate and improve their book marketing plan, tweak their ideas and give them new ones
  • Tailortheir promotion plans, tapping into my wealth of PR strategies and secrets
  • Provide them with a full rolodex of the media and publishing contacts that make the difference
  • Hold them accountable as we work together on their execution of the plan

It’s really quite simple – if they invest the time and
put forth the effort to really do what is required they’ll reach their
publishing goals. Coaching programs are typically $500 to $1,000.

I freely shares my publicity strategies and contacts with authors, so everyone can have access to PR best practices, - both basic and advanced -so they can market their messages to the masses.

The Retainer Way

Then there are those who want to hire a publicist to do their entire publicity campaign for them – from writing the marketing materials and distributing press releases to,
pitching media and scheduling interviews.
This type of client is usually a publisher who has a “brand” name author and a projected print run of 20,000 or so books.
The cost of a typical PR campaign like that will range from $5,000 to $7,500 for three months – with no guarantees.

Here’s what they can expect from these types of campaigns:

  • A fully developed press kit - (interview questions, bio, endorsements, previous press clips, press release(s) and pitch
  • Reviews in the trade publications like Publishers Weekly, Christian Retailing or
    Black Issue Book Review
  • Mailings to major mediaseeking o
    TV interviews with TBN or Daystar and articles
    in Upscale or Ebony
  • Radio interviews (in some cases a publicist will arrange a Radio Tour - (several
    radio interviews in one day)
  • Scheduling/Coordination of Book Tours and Media Appearances
  • Online presence – email campaign blasts to targeted audiences, podcasts and blog tours
  • Continuous mailings to media that request interviews and coverage (which is typical for a ‘branded’ author)

Pay-For-Performance or Pay-Per-Placement

Another approach that's getting an increasing amount of attention is pay-per-placement PR – which I have done
for certain types of clients (usually after coaching). However, the pay-per-placement
isn't for everybody. For one thing, if you are a
pay-per-placement client – that’s all you get – you just get media. That means
no strategy development, marketing or other work that many authors may need for
an effective PR campaign. And if you’re not branded correctly, you won’t get
media – or the right media anyway.

The costs of a typical “pay-per-placement” program are:

Broadcast Media Interview
National TV = $3,500.00 (network)

National TV = $1,500.00 (Christian)
National Radio = $1,000.00

Satellite Radio = $750.00

Local TV = $500.00

Local Radio = $350.00 ($100 additional for promos/contests)

Print Media (either book review or, mention – full features are an additional $250)

Newspapers or Magazines

Circulation 1M+ = $750.00

Circulation 100,001 - 1M = $600.00
Circulation under 10,000 - 100,000 = $500.00

What materials are needed get started?
- Good photos & other marketing materials
- Copies of recent media coverage
- 10 copies of your book/video/DVD
- Your biography or CV
- Copies of all news releases issued in the last 12 months
- Scripts of any speeches delivered over the past year
- Notes on what you regard as the most newsworthy events in the
foreseeable future
- Endorsements

Clients must approve the media MMS delivers –or they don’t pay. Our unique guarantee means they pay only for results – PLUS if they are dissatisfied with
those results, we will refund the entire placement fee.

We're backed by the experience and contacts that come from over 20 years in the industry. We have had experience generating major media coverage for clients ranging from Essence and Ebony to radio tours in local
markets. Our niche is in the African- American Christian market and if that’s your target then it’s a good match. If not, the program won’t work.

The Difference and synergy between Advertising and Public Relations

When you pay the media directly – you know exactly when that ad will air or be published. With pay-per-placement, you’ll be notified but it’s not guaranteed – thus you’re not
billed until you get the media hit.

PR is not an exact science and you are really at the mercy of the media. It’s free when they cover you but you never know when or if they will.

The best formula is: to buy ads in publications or on stations that are targeting your audience best – and then pitch the editors/producers
too. You’ll at least have exposure in the publication or on the station that
hits your main audience. Sometimes you’ll
get favor by being an advertiser and the station or publication will call on
you for editorial contributions as well

The key to any successful promotional campaign is persistence and consistency. Whatever structure you use for your book, make sure you know the expectations and limitations of each one. The most important thing is to find the program that fits your lifestyle, budget and brand.

Pam Perry,, 248.426-2300

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