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Advice needed on where to promote a POD(Print on Demand) book on the internet??

So far, I'm promoting my photo book here, , on my blog, on facebook, on goodreads, and thru the ning networks I am a part of.. any other ideas out there??
I am also promoting my book on my very own etsy shoppe here.

My book is published by, and therefore, doesn't have an ISBN....

I'd like some more ideas! WHERE ELSE CAN I GET THE WORD OUT?


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My advice is to stay away from POD, but if you must, you can buy ISBN yourself. if it's too late for that, I'd recommend to join Zoetrope workshop. It's a treasure of information.

Good luck.

The opportunities to market your book is not limited by the type of book it is. The term POD can be confusing but with technology as it is today there are constant new sources opening up all the time. There are free advertising sites, business listing sites which have forums in which to participate and others. For my part I write articles, participate in writing forums, join several networks, including the ning network. My site is a resource for other authors to market their writing by offering marketing information/opportunities to bring more exposure for your work. Links and articles are provided to other sites and authors who have experience in various topics related to the publishing industry.
I wish you luck in your book.
Identify the target audience for your product, find those sites that cater directly to it, and let it rip. This is the essence of Direct Marketing at its finest.
Why market your POD book any different then a regular book? Is there a difference? Random House, University of Cambridge, University of Nebraska Press, Shambhala, and many, many, many other publishers are now all using POD - for both their frontlist and backlist.

I would just market it as a book.

I've got tons of free tips and resources on bookmarketing and promotion online that you may be interested in. It is really the same as any other product - identify your niche/audience and aim for them.

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There is no reason to stay away from POD. Not having an ISBN doesn't mean you won't sell books it just means you'll have to work harder at promoting them. I self published my book, Italian for Tourists, using and haven't bought an ISBN for it yet. In my case this is as an experiment to test how well it sells without. It sells. I've sold copies to people I've met through myspace, writers groups, people who read my blogs...
I will however be getting an ISBN for it in the new year as this will mean I can sell it else where and not just through the site, therefore increasing sales.
I've also sold a few copies of my other book, A guide to Weddings in Italy and several of my ebooks all only through the site.

I suggest doing a virtual tour to promote it as this is a great way of spreading the word.

I just published a new ebook called Free Promotional Techniques: ways to market your books that you would find useful. It's available at
Sites like this are filled with people who want to sell their book (not buy other books). I suggest that you use these sites to learn how to sell as opposed to hoping to sell in these places. I have a thread here that I think might interest you:

Give that a read and see what you think. Also, you might try
Right on, Peter. (And his site is a great resource for publishing authors, by the way)

It's a BOOK, like he says. If there's a bookstore down your block where you're known and they support local authors, they don't care if it's got an to them.

For that matter, books sell in other places than bookstores. If I were Linsdell, I'd be looking at places where people are interested in doing Italian weddings: hotels, restaurants and resorts that welcome the wedding trade, etc.

Maybe even a space ad if there's a magazine with a good likelihood that wedding-minded travelers might read.
Thanks Linton. I'd not thought about resorts. Good idea. I'll definitely look into it.
Hi Bonnie,

I agree with Peter. Market your book as a book. Forget about what format it's published in. Readers are interested in the value. Have you thought about conducting a virtual book tour? VBT's provide more visibility and sales. Also have your joint ventured with anyone yet? If not, you definitely should be doing that to build you list and promote to a wider audience.

Hope that helps,


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