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There's no money in poetry....but it's fun, so for giggles....

Shelve the Idea

I felt it inside as a balloon ‘bout to bust.
You know what I mean, no option, a must.
So I wrote it all down, a magnificent piece!
I heard the world begging for final release.

Blasted in view like the big bang itself
Filling the voids of each rack…each shelf.
Voices from the cover smile at each shoe.
Singing my chorus…there, in plain view

Will you people wake up and read this book?
Don’t you realize the effort, the time it took?
I wrote this for you…yes you, can’t you see?
You just aren’t inspired …as you need to be!

Okay, here’s the deal, the last time to explain,
My words aren’t for shelves…but there for your brain!
I wrote this to nourish all of you…indeed.
But you have to pick it up, buy it, and read!


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In quiet winter evenings,
with dishes done, TV off,
drapes pulled against the dark outside,
I sit down to read.

I choose one end of the lounge
where the light is an energy-saving lamp
and tuck my legs up under me
ready to enjoy this private reading.

There are a few nopises, the refrigerator
running its cycle, the hot water heat
circulating, but beyond that the silence
has a cozy air of expectancy

as if in the air there is something
gathering, some energy whirling into,
well, as if, silly me,
the charactaers of this book are
gathering around to listen to their story.

Maybe they hear my unspoken voice and react
with approval, or perhaps disapproval
and vie for sympathy or understanding.

In any case, I feel them come alive
as I read and share their moods
and I swear, I am a different person
after these gatherings.

Margaret Guthrie
WOW! Great prose!
Yes, how do you get people to pick up the great book you wrote and read it? That is the question! But you see, your poem was read, once at least. Margaret Guthrie
No, you poem was read at least twice. and enjoyed
ok, james -- i am NOT a poet but a mother.... ah, um.. ahum... so here's my laura, my 7-year old's writing for the day... (with HER spelling....)

1. Love
Oh, I am the one for you
If anybuddy loves you
It should be YOU
I will be gladd for you
Even if nobuddy loves you
Oh, yes
I will love you
Even if nobuddy loves you.

2. Show girl
Show girl
You gotta let me know you.
I don't know you
You are me
I am not you
Singing to myselfe in the streets
Singing to myselfe in the streets.
7 years old? remarkable. Keep her singing. Margaret Guthrie
Thanks, Margaret -- she's my baby girl and believe me, if she knew I had posted this... well I am sure she'd kill me, but I couldn't resist -- I really enjoyed your writing on this page!
Good job on the poem James. I think you sold some right there by just posting. As writer of poetry it is difficult to get ones poetry books sold. but in my own experience I have done good thank God. Not large amount but I sell what I can attending vendor booths when they have them. They also started a market theme for all crafts to put up their own tent and bring their table to sell their craft rather baked goods to hand made items.
I will say I sold three books and two smaller things and one poem frame at one of these events. There more coming each weekend and then another one this fall. Hoping and pray its a good turn out sell my books and gift items. Looking sell matted letterhead poems and my brother will be selling his art works. To take a look at my books and gift items and my brother art click below.

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