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Hi all -

To get your How-to on writing up an ad and selling your book on Craig's List, you need to email me at I have a PDF I can send you but I can't send it unless you give me your email address. Thanks for all the responses; it's been amazing to hear from so many!


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Hi all,
I just found some information at about selling books on Craig's List. I thought those of you interested in this topic might like to look at it. The link is Hope this helps. I think I'll try it myself.
I followed the link I mentioned above and found it easy to post a listing of my book in Buffalo, NY. I also joined Craigslist so it will be easier for me to post next time. My understanding is that posts are automatically removed after 45 days and that you can't post the same offer in numerous cities without varying the content considerably (They don't seem to like spam). But it seems like a good resource for free publicity in markets you select.
I've been on this post for awhile and from what i've read, only a small amount of people (two or three if that many) have actually recieved the pdf. I want to believe that all is right and well with shannon but it does make you wonder a little.
I didn't get the pdf yet either. Maybe there is a good reason for the delay. I think the Craig's listing is a great opportunity and it's free! Thanks for the link. Just have to get the website finished first.
Hi Shannon,

I have been very successful using Craig's List for events and book promotion. Thanks for your generosity in sharing this with all.

Dr. Joe Capista

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I would love your pdf file...Also would love to know more about blogging....
I'll take that free pdf on Craigs

I'm still waiting for the PDF. Thanks. Diane MacEachern, Author, Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Green...
please send this list to

Thanks so much!
Please send the PDF my way.
Sounds good ...would love to have your pdf...We all need all the help we can you know anything about partnering for added sales..with others who hav e large e mail lists..
I would like one please.


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