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My name is Spiros. I am a self-publisher who needs help with promoting my 1st book. It is an autobiography. I haven't been very successful but it has only been 3 months so far. No one has written back. I don't know where to start. Would it just be wiser that I get a distributor or go through a publishing house?
3 months is nothing in the life of a book. I don't know what you are doing to promote your book, but the two most important things you can do to promote your autobiography are 1) to speak locally wherever you can. You have to get people involved in talking about your book. The best way to do that is to speak. 2) You need to set up relationships with any websites where people congregate who might be interested in you. What have you done that is special? In what field? Find out what websites cover the areas where you were special. Then offer them a review copy, an interview with you, an excerpt from your book, some sort of content that links back to your website or sales page. Doing these two things should get your book sales going. But you will have to do some work.
Mr. Kremer,
Hello My name is Katerina Sideris and my father is Spiros Sideris.
Thank you for taking your time out to write my father back. Any advice
is very helpful to us. My father cannot read or write very well so I have
been writing his emails and trying to help him promote the book. We
understand that we have to try and speak locally and have to set up
relationships with websites but how do we do those things? How do we
go about finding venues to speak locally at about our book and how do
we find the websites? What do you mean by a 'review copy'? Is that a list
of reviews from people whom have read our book? We are new to this
and don't know what is out there for us and what resources we can use
to help us get the book out in the market. Can you please specify the
steps or specifics of what you mean. I know you are a very busy man,
but your time and help are truly appreciated. Thank you so much.
Katerina & Spiros Sideris
Katerina & Spiros, what John meant by "review copy" is just a free copy of your
book that you send to a reviewer in hopes that they will review it and generate

What John suggested about booking appearances is important even if you do have
a distributor or publisher.. most publishers don't put much money behind
promoting their books anyway, unless its a huge publishing company and your
book is one of their "A" books, so it ends up coming down to the author, their hard
work and connection.
Can you explain the basics of the Amazon campaigns I am seeing written about elsewhere on this ning? I just want to understand conceptually what it is and how it works. I have ordered your book where you say it is described in Chapter 12, and I look forward to reading that. But it won't get here for a week or two, and I was hoping to start thinking about this sooner than that.

I outline the step-by-step procedure in my 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, chapter 12.

Otherwise, see
Question? Why is it on Google Search engines my name william sawyers comes up much less than my user name? william2233

Since I'm listed better by user name, should I use instead of real name?

And just a tip to all of you who just came out with a new book?

1. Write a press release, I've been contacted by the media to help push out my books.
Comcast Spot Light-CNN and interviews on radio.

2.have a web site built for your books needs, I've hired people thru colleges.
just go to your local colleges and post a add on their bulletin board.
I got 50 calls the first day. By offering $20.00 an hour.

Have a great summer every one.....


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