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While it may seem like "networking" or "marketing", indiscriminately adding ads to member pages, probably costs the person more in goodwill than they may at first believe.

Indeed, there are better ways for you to get people's attention on Book Marketing Network.

For example:
1. Consider starting a blog post
2. Start a discussion
3. Create an event
4. Create a discussion or networking or marketing group, etc.

But, please don't keep adding ads to my page.

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!
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Finally, someone who speaks out! I get so tired of seeing ads that I have no desire or interest in. Thank you for posting this and giving other ways to make those ads marketable.

My pleasure, Sue...

Great point! What also gets me is people who stop by my page and leave advertisements as comments yet don't have the respect to speak. If you're gonna advertise on someone's page, spamming, then you can at least dress it up and pretend you're concerned about the person. LOL.
Well said Vincent!

And in similar vein... Please don't be including me in a general "all friends" invitation to every network that you happen to join, without any thought to whether it would be of interest to me.

Unfortunately the Ning system seems to make it very easy to do so - and that isn't the way to stand out as someone valuable in my network. It may be a way to stand out as something quite different.

Thanks for raising this issue Vincent.

Amen, my man. I get sick of people slapping ads on my page. And it always seems to be the worst junk that gets there.

Regarding multiple messaging, it doesn't bug me as much as I would have thought it would. I have removed a couple of "friends" that daily send me 8 messages about their feelings on picking their zits that morning or what coffee they're drinking or whatever, but by and large it's just a couple of clicks in the email.

I do try to avoid multiples when mailing, but it's hard to do with big lists.
Why not just change the settings on your page so you can approve them before they are posted? This can be done in the settings in the Privacy section.
But this is how Kremer is making money off of us. All those ads give him a little kick back. If you mean ads on your comment wall, well then do as Teresa says and change your settings in the Privacy section.

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I've done so.


I would never want to deprive Kremer of an opportunity to make money so, I'm referring to those who come by individual member pages and leave impersonal messages/ads. (I hope that this particular practice is not something Kremer condones.)

Further, changing the Privacy settings puts the onus on Kremer's members to have to approve messages. This adds to the workload of being a member of BookMarket. In my opinion, the onus should be on those who now have the freedom to muck up sites with meaningless links/graphics. This concludes my thoughts on the subject.

Thanks for your feedback.
Thanks for pointing out this feature. I'd forgotten it. Have made changes in the Privacy section.


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