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Mario S. Fedele
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Mario S. Fedele's Page

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Something About Me and My Book:
I have two fiction books out, "Stories for a Stormy Night, Vol. 1 & Vol II," both intended for Young Adults.
My latest work, a memoir titled "God's Gift," was released in April, 2007.

I live with my wife, two chlildren, and my ever-faithful poodle, Buddy.
We reside in the quaint little town of Ladysmith, which is situated on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

What people are saying about "God's Gift:"

Mario S. Fedele has written a story not only about the challenges of raising a child with special healthcare needs, but a story of family life and the everyday tests each of us face as we make this journey through life.
Debbie Oliver
Executive Director AboutFace, USA

I read God's Gift in one sitting! I really enjoyed it. I felt so drawn into your I was a fly on the wall so to speak.
I'm even using some of your ideas for my non special needs 8 year old for whom all other traditional methods of discipline have failed!
Kudos to you!!
Christy Prescott

I really did enjoy "God's Gift" - and completed it all in one sitting! I would recommend "God's Gift" - not just for people dealing with a child with limitations - but to anyone who has ever felt sorry for themselves.
Josephine Odierno

"God's Gift" is one of faith, hope, and endurance. It's a marvelous resource for parents who are experiencing serious problems of their own.
Vicki P. Bowman

If you enjoy stories of families that are dealing with children with special needs, then this book should not be missed!
Karen Fidler

"God's Gift" has so much to offer and will make an impact on whoever reads it. Some of the helpful strategies used in the book would be beneficial for anyone.
C S Richard

"God's Gift" is a wonderful write. It has meaning and love, so much of what the world is lacking. What a blessing Mr. Fedele has bestowed us.
Teresa Genot

I just finished "God's Gift." It was great! I laughed. I cried.... I thoroughly enjoyed it. You should be very proud of your work!
Bonita Poulin

"God's Gift" is awesome!! I was overwhelmed and filled with admiration when I got to the end of the story!!
Tessie Chapman

"God's Gift" was such a treat to read. I found it so fascinating that I was sad when it was over. This book should be in all school libraries for all children to read or have read to them.
Bessie Harvey
Skills for Life Assistant

Mr. Fedele: I finished your book! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I was humbled by your stamina, courage and somewhat envious that you retired at 38!!!
Rita Laurendeau

I really enjoyed reading your book, "God's Gift."
It is a true testament that "Love conquers all."
Debbie Kiley

It is my pleasure to take the time to see what I can do to help get your story heard, as a story of true belief and the triumph over adversity, no matter how much of it is thrown at us, is something that we all could use more of.
Theresa S. Ballard

My copy of "God's Gift" has changed hands so many times I've lost track of it!
Good things are always worth sharing.
Christy Prescott

"God's Gift" contains a wealth of insights into life, health, medicine, and family that are thought-provoking, poignant and refreshingly unconventional. The novel is a testament to the strength of family and the ability to overcome personal struggles even when all hope seems lost.
Lisa Inglis "Senior Writing Editor" (Manhattan, New York)

I found "God's Gift" particularly inspiring, deeply personal and courageous. I predict that this title will be on Oprah's recommended book list one day soon.
James Shepherd

I hope that you don't mind, but I e-mailed Ophrah on your book. We need more of these subjects on TV. It truly helped my daughter and myself!
Debbie Brogdon

"God's Gift" needs to be read by everyone, especially those dealing with a chronic illness or dealing with a loved one with a chronic illness. It helped me dealing with myasthenia gravis and I bought a friend a copy and she loved it.
Debbie Brogdon

If you enjoyed the movie Lorenzo's Oil, then you will love God's Gift by
Mario S. Fedele.
It was soooooooo good. It'll have you in tears one minute and jumping for joy the next.

I will definitely mention to my pastor about "God's Gift."
Today, I am planning on calling Books A Million and Barnes and Nobles to see if they can get me some for Christmas presents.
There is no way a person can read this book and not be inspired and touched.
Debbie Brogdon

I want to tell you how much I liked "God's Gift." When I ordered it, I thought it might be very sad, due to your son's condition. Instead, I found it to be a story that all can relate to. But most of all I was impressed with the extreme love and devotion you have for your son.
Denise Evans

I just wanted to let you know that I finished "God's Gift" today, & it was fabulous. It gave me great inspiration for dealing with Ryan's deafness.
I am so thankful that God guided you to me during this time of need.
Angela Plummer

God's Gift - a memoir

I had no clue in how to raise a child and engaged in the endeavor as well I could. The task would have
been daunting enough had our baby been healthy, but with the medical problems that ensued, the
challenge became frightfully overwhelming.
In reading this book, the reader will be drawn into our struggles and tribulations, and will come away
having gained valuable insights into areas such as behavior modification, temper tantrums, dietary
concerns, night-bottle syndrome, scoliosis, Reye's syndrome, Stickler's syndrome, and so much more.
Interspersed in this mix are humorous situations to add levity and fascinating snippets to keep the
reader well entertained.
In spite of all his limitations, I consider our son to be a true gift from God. Hence, the title of the book,
"God's Gift." In fact, the meaning of the name, Shaun, translates to "God's gracious gift."
Hearing that my son would have to go under the knife was the last straw that broke the camel's back.
I was so confused and depressed that I didn't know what to do and wished I could block out all the
concerns weighing in on me. Even though I'd reached the saturation point, there remained another
grave matter I was trying to cope with and resolve. Being denied the opportunity to hold and cuddle
my son, seeing he still required the incubator, I was having great difficulty in bonding with him.
Surrounded by so much hardship, my feelings came to a head, and, in a moment of weakness, I blurted
out to Ann the thought that was occupying my mind. "Ann, perhaps it would have been better if we'd
never had this baby!" I felt so alienated and distanced from him, I couldn't even bring myself to call
him by name.
With her motherly instinct rising to the fore, she admonished me severely. "Hush, Mario! I won't
have you talk like that! He's God's very own gift to us!"

Mario S. Fedele's Blog

Review of "God's Gift."

Inspirational and Insightful: "God's Gift" is a gift to its reader, Sep 23 2007

By Lisa Inglis "Senior Writing Editor" (Manhattan, New York)

What does it mean to be fortunate in life? What does it mean to be blessed? Mario Fedele answers these questions in his deeply personal memoir, "God's Gift."

As most of us navigate our own paths, drawn by the bright lights of financial comfort, career success, and a nice home, others seem to be guided by a glow from somewhere…


Posted on November 2, 2007 at 12:01am

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At 12:29pm on August 3, 2011, Author Aleja Bennett said…
Nice to meet you, do stay in touch okay? Hope you like my pages and are inspired by them 1)​aBennett




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At 9:07am on December 22, 2007, Pastor Sharon Billington said…
I send you greetings of peace and love from the rest of the family. They, like I, are always with you and never leave or forsake you. The angels and the rest of us want you to know how precious you are to us.

When I agreed to give up my divinity and be born in the flesh, I did so very willingly. I looked forward to the time when we, you and us, could all be together and share in everything that is. I looked forward to loving you, hugging you, comforting you and encouraging you so that, when your life gets tough, you will feel secure and supported enough to face whatever you have to face. I looked forward to being the one you could rely upon unconditionally for that strength, comfort and encouragement whenever and however you need it.

Not only that, I looked forward to sharing with you that we created you to love you, and that we so hoped and desired that you would love us back. We want you in our life, and we love it when you want us in yours. It was so exciting when I could turn to my disciples and expand our relationship to include friendship and true fellowship. I offer that friendship and fellowship to you today as well, and I look forward to your inviting me into your life in that way.

You can see there are many reasons why I came in the flesh so many years ago. There’s more! I also wanted to set you free from thoughts and behaviors that hurt you emotionally and spiritually. If you were hurt by people or experienced hard times in your life and lost things like your health, relationships, or your way of life because of disaster or unemployment, I wanted to give you the tips and tools as well as the encouragement to recover emotionally and spiritually from who or what hurt you so you could have the kind of life I want you to enjoy.

Most of you understand why I sacrificed my life for you and what an act of love that was. It is my hope that this letter will help you understand how very much more my life and ministry were to accomplish. I look forward to expanding our relationship now and forever.

Joyfully, Jesus

Copyright Encouraging Words Ministries 2007, All Rights reserved
At 2:40pm on December 11, 2007, Shelagh Watkins said…
At 10:01am on November 7, 2007, Valerie Anne Faulkner said…
Hi Mario, Thank you for accepting my invite. I checked out your web-site and felt your path has been somewhat like mine. I am not published ,yet....still getting my 'feet wet' on the business side of writting. Would appreciate it if you could give any suggestions about my web-site, or any other pertinent info. Thanks, Valerie
At 7:43am on November 7, 2007, Andielle said…
Thanks Mario!

I will follow up as suggested.

May you continue to receive platforms to live up to your potential!

-Stay safe and protected
At 6:37pm on November 6, 2007, Andielle said…
Hi Mario,

I was hoping that you would be able to go review my updated website. As you will see I have held all your suggestion close- the site is lighter, much lighter. There's even a B&W promo pic of me :)

I still need to select excerpts . . . Can I jump around?

Oh, one more thing . . . although the synopsis is long I was hoping that since everything else has been cut out or shorten I would be able to leave that as is. If it's still overbearing I will use the synopsis that will be on my back cover


-May you stay safe and protected.
At 1:14pm on November 5, 2007, Andielle said…

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

I'm learning about the whole website, blog, lens etc. communication.

Your comments in this regards means so much to me!!

I'm working on it all and will keep everyone updated. The more I'm viewing what everyone else is doing the more I learning that I will need to thin out what I post online. Sadly, I have the gift for gab and what I view as controlled/measured communication is overload to others. When I first started talking to those God sent my way for help I had to learn how to pull it in . . . so I'm re-learning how to help others :)

Again, thanks and I will spread things out so that I won't overload people . . . thanks!

-May you stay safe and protected
At 2:46pm on November 4, 2007, Andielle said…

Way to go with the glowing review!!

I once overheard a conversation of two women where one was telling her friend how lucky she was to be the mother of a child whom needed more than the general population was capable of giving- it showed the faith that God had in her abilities.

Since that day I have never looked at parenting the same.

Thank you for sharing your awareness and divine strength with the world!

-May you stay safe and protected
At 10:38pm on September 12, 2007, Lynn C. Johnston said…
Your books sound great. As a parent myself, I know it's so hard to see your child in pain and struggling. I'm glad to see you were able to come through this as a family. Good luck with all of your books.

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