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New book

The seguel to "The Dark Water Murders" will be out soon. I have decided not to go to Publish America but find a small press company who will at least help push the publicity. The first book sold well and my readers are asking when the sequel will be coming out. The manuscript is totally ready but I would like to change my direction in life so I can get my books out to the broad public, which is why I write in the first place. Anyway, I just wanted to make the announcement.

You guys… Continue

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Good morning

Does anyone have any connections for getting a book to a movie? I have two novels that I want to send in for possible movies but I have zero connections in that industry. I just though someone might have experience in this area.

Thanks and have a great day

John Hachmann

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Hello all. I am proud that I have three books out now and a forth is ready for printing. I have three books in three different genre's. The first is titled 'The Tears of Destiny' and is a war/love novel about the start of World War II.

The second is a murder mystery on a small lake in upstate New York. The third is a wagon train adventure in 1868. The forth is the sequel to the murder mystery. I am holding off sending that to Publish America until I talk to a few agents, or I should say… Continue

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Is it just my imagination that every agent I query is simply too busy to listen to what I have to say. This also means that they are all making too much money to consider making any more. Maybe I should become an agent instead of write books.

I know that most authors have the same problem. You just have to keep on truckin' and not let it get to you. However, it should not be that way. All we want is to be heard by someone and not just brushed aside like some trash out there.

I know I… Continue

Added by John Hachmann on July 7, 2009 at 10:16am — 2 Comments

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