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Hello all. I am proud that I have three books out now and a forth is ready for printing. I have three books in three different genre's. The first is titled 'The Tears of Destiny' and is a war/love novel about the start of World War II.
The second is a murder mystery on a small lake in upstate New York. The third is a wagon train adventure in 1868. The forth is the sequel to the murder mystery. I am holding off sending that to Publish America until I talk to a few agents, or I should say until I get the standard "that's not for me" letters.
I love writing for myself if not for anyone else because it is just what I love to do. If a few people along the way get to read my books and enjoy them that is even better. The main thing is that I have no publicity on these books. Since agents that will listen to you are becoming scarce, I am trying the publicist route for this one. We'll see.
In any case, I am going to the Louisiana book festival in October (Baton Rouge), and have fun selling my books from the table that I will pay $100.00 for (he he). I just love doing it, even if it is a non-profit endeavor to date. I do wish all of you extreme success in all of your endeavors.

I mean that.

John Hachmann

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